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NFL Week 8 Picks

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, October 31, 2010

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Being able to laugh at oneself is good - I've done a lot of that picking this NFL season so far.

I'm getting used to the embarrassment now - so it's not bothering me so much to make my obviously ridiculous picks :) Maybe this week, I should just pick against my head and go with heart - that might work out better. I doubt it though and it's Halloween on Sunday - sounds like the perfect recipe for some freaked out games. Here we go!

DEN @ SF - The Broncos continue their mediocre to plain awful play, but somehow the 49ers are worse. Broncos win.

JAC @ DAL - Kitna....gets the win. Could it be that Romo is the problem for the Boys? You be the judge.

MIA @ CIN - A hard fought game where the Bengals once again come out on the losing end and the Dolphins keep it rolling in Miami

GB @ NYJ - Good game - or looks good on paper anyway, probably will turn out to be a lopsided blowout and the Jets win

BUF @ KC - Chiefs roll - big time. Stop doubting people.

WAS @ DET - I want the Lions to win so badly - Stafford is back as QB - I'm going with heart on this one - Lions win

CAR @ STL - The Panthers should just start again next year - forget the rest of this year all together - Rams win in a blowout

TEN @ SD - Chargers are just plain weird - and plagued by off the field issues - Titans win, but Chargers make a game of it

MIN @ NE - Favre or no Favre - Pats win - Brady to Branch = drama stopper

SEA @ OAK - Two teams that I don't believe anyone can predict from week to week. Raiders put up almost 60 on the Broncos and Seahawks win and then lose and then win - put them in a hat and draw one out - I drew Raiders

TB @ ARI - Bucs keep it going taking the swagger to the Cardinals big time - smash mouth football on the field and off

PIT @ NO - Saints are down for the count - no running game equals no wins - depleted secondary - Steelers throwing all over you - Steelers in a rout

HOU @ IND - Not quite the same matchup as at the beginning of the season - but the Texans could pull out another win over the Colts

Happy Halloween!!

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By Deborah Horton on November 01, 2010 at 07:23 am

Melody - I'm sorry - but the Lions were due for a win. Stafford was back and I knew they would be after a win big time. Of course Shanahan putting in Grossman to run the 2 minute drill at the end of the game where he then was sacked, fumbled, and the Lions scored a TD didn't help!

Askcherlock - I thought sure the Steelers would win - I think they should have, but they let the Saints get it :(

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