Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Mojoe's Movie Mania: Splice

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A face only a mother could love...if it had a mother!

In this episode, we take a look at the movie Splice. Genetic experimentation goes wrong. What a surprise.

Everybody loves watching a scary movie. Especially if it is actually scary. The problem with most scary movies, however, is that the viewer must suspend their notion of common sense, otherwise the movie is completely ridiculous. You know what I mean. The character on the movie hears a strange noise. What do they do? Go check it out, the complete opposite of what any normal, rational human being would do. And they have to. How else will the killer get their victim, or the monster devour another confused camper? It's a necessary evil, but in order for the carnage to commence, the actor or actress must do that thing that you the viewer are silently willing them not to. The movie Splice is no excpetion to this rule.

Sarah Polley and Adrian Brody (and his nose) star as two genetic scientists who have found a way to create new creatures by combing the DNA of several different animals. The resultant blobs they create contain a specific kind of protein that can be used to produce different types of medicines. However, when the two scientists claim they can add human DNA to the mix, the company funding their research pulls the plug. Naturally, against all reason, they decide to go with the experiment. And, also naturally, things don't turn out so well in the end.

This was a good movie at first. It jumps right in and goes, not pausing much to fill in unneccesary details. But then they birthed the thing and the whole movie changed for me. Let me first say that creating some creature in a lab is generally not a good idea. Creating some creature in a lab and including human DNA in it is so far beyond not a good idea it's not even funny. I mean seriously, did you really think this was going to have a happy ending? The thing itself was completely repulsive, at least to me. I was completely disgusted just about every time it was on screen. And then I saw the end of the movie. I won't spoil anything, but lets just say, you will be shocked and quite possibly offended.

Watch this movie at your own risk. On the cover of the movie, someone from Rolling Stone magazine stated that the movie was "equal parts scary and sexy." Personally, anyone who thinks this movie is sexy has some serious issues. Also, remember, splicing human and animal DNA is a terrible idea, yet it has to happen for there to be a movie.

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