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Of Boys and Men

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, October 26, 2010

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Tony Romo

The Cowboys lose to the G-Men and also lose Romo in the process.

The Dallas Cowboys played the New York Giants G-Men on Monday night and while the outcome was what I expected, the reasons were totally different. Life changes at warp speed sometimes, and in sports it is most especially true.

The Cowboys had actually tried to make a game of it before halftime. They even led the game for a minute. And then, the Cowboys world was changed in seconds. Tony Romo was taken to the ground and landed on his left, non-throwing shoulder and it fractured his clavicle. That took an already shaky emotional team without a real leader and left them without a quarterback. The outcome was then inevitable. Dallas ended the night with a 1-5 record.

In comes John Kitna, a QB who hasn't had a live in-game snap in 2 years. I'm sure most Cowboys fans thought the game was over. I pretty much did. But the Cowboys kept hanging in, or are the Giants not as good as people keep saying? Either way, at the end of the night the G-Men won by 4 points. Kitna was 16-33 with 187 yards and 2 TDs, no interceptions. He threw both touchdown passes late to Dez Bryant.

The Giants did exactly what was predicted to the Cowboys, they made them one dimensional. The Cowboys had a total of 41 rushing yards - 41. For an entire game. They had abandoned the run from the jump and even if Romo were still in the game, they would have lost. You cannot win NFL games playing one dimensional football. It can't be done.

On the other side, Eli Manning threw 3 interceptions and the Giants still won the game. The Giants also had 3 fumbles, 2 of which they lost to the Cowboys. And still they won. Dallas had opportunities, they just couldn't make use of them. What the Giants did have was 200 yards rushing and 297 yards passing - a balanced game. It is because of that balance that they won. Well it's mostly because of that.

The Cowboys were on the ropes even before Romo was injured. That just added insult to injury as it were. Now the Boys are 1-5 and all the talking heads are saying that the G-Men are the best team in the NFC. I'm not sure I'm on board with that assessment, but one thing is sure - the Boys are pretty much finished.

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By johnbear on October 26, 2010 at 05:07 pm

poor little Romo HAHAHA nice post Deb

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By Deborah Horton on October 27, 2010 at 07:50 am

This team sticks with multiple people who don't get the job done. What astounds me is that individually they have some very talented people, collectively they suck. People blame the coach - I think it's an internal player issue - and you know what I think the players don't care for Romo or respect him....wouldn't it be something if they WON with Kitna....KITNA!!!

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By Deborah Horton on October 28, 2010 at 07:13 am

Ed - I'm going with whatever team in the world series has the most runs after 9....this picking thing is ruined for this year - thanks to all these MLB, NFL, and College upsets...

Melody - I don't see the Cowboys winning either, but it would be ironic if Kitna did better than Romo - and I believe that Romo is one of the main problems - his players don't respect or like him.

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