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Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

by SanityCheck2 (writer), Piedmont Triad Area of North Carolina, October 28, 2010

Credit: Travel Channel's images
Andrew eating something somewhere that is best left unidentified

For those with an overactive gag reflex, meet Andrew Zimmern who jets around the world eating just about anything

There isn’t enough gross stuff on TV so the Travel Channel decided to find some fat guy with the taste buds of a clam and jet him around the world playing “Dare you to eat this.” The fat guy has a name: Andrew Zimmern and from the looks of things, there isn’t anything (so far) he won’t eat. It boggles the mind to contemplate who Mr. Zimmern had to sleep with to get this job as there had to be a number of talented people vying for this coveted assignment. Actually after Rosie O’Donnell, John Goodman, and Kristie Alley, the candidate pool gets a bit thin (no pun intended).

The really strange part (if eating the privates of a monkey doesn’t seem strange to you): Andrew is supposedly a world-class chef. According to his bio, Andrew started cooking when he was 14. Not sure when he started eating really weird stuff but he did attend Vassar College and there’s simply no easy way of knowing where his mouth ended up at Vassar.

Not content to be a really good chef in the backwaters of New York, Andrew moved to the culinary center of the Universe: Minneapolis-St. Paul. Minnesota has long been a haven for Norwegian Cuisine featuring such delicacies as Lutefisk, cod balls, herring, Glasmastarsill and a number of other dishes best consumed while holding one’s nose. Needless to say, Andrew’s fare took the state by storm when folks found out there were things that could actually be eaten without activating one’s gag reflex. Andrew was a big hit in the twin cities and had the number one restaurant in town pushing Olaf’s Haddock House into a distant second.

While not specifically addressed, it must be assumed that Andrew lost a bet with one of his Chef buddies and must now tour the world and eat stuff that is best left on the side of the road where it’s actual contents and cause of death require no further investigation... or seasoning. A small sampling of Andrew’s latest gastronomic fare: stuffed sheep’s intestines (aren’t they all), Duck Embryo (Steamed of course), raw bugs, live worms, pig blood stew, Filipino egg rolls made with real Filipinos, and a couple of dishes made with snot.

Andrew, here’s a simple observation: people, stuck in various parts of the world have to eat what’s there cause they don’t have a McDonald’s, Hooters, TGI Friday’s or Olaf’s Haddock House handy. These folks don’t always have a lot of variety in their culinary choices and it isn’t polite to make fun of what others eat. On a not unrelated note, I am sure there is some place where excrement is an entrée and you can bet I’ll tune in when Andrew stops at that restaurant. Can’t wait for that Lead-in: Stay tuned and watch Andrew eat crap in Timbuktu.

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