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Friendship is Endurance

A look at true friendship over a lifetime of living.

True friendship is endurance
And longevity rather than fitful intensity.
It is "staying power" that reveals a true friend.

As I have gained grey hair
I have come to realize friendship
Grows with tolerance and time.

I do not have many friendships.
I have many acquaintances and co-workers,
But they can be fair weather sailors.

When the sea gets rough they set their sails
For the nearest port - any port -
The closer the better.

A friend does things you don't like or even condone.
He or she permits you the same privilege.
A friend provides advice without hard feelings
When the advice is not followed.

Their memories are short for hurts along the way.
Forgiveness is available with restored warmth.
Shared respect is cherished and provided freely.

A friend listens keenly to what you have to say.
Somehow, there is communication,
Even when we struggle with each others actions or beliefs.

The true test is endurance
It is the willingness to forgive and forget
Each others foibles and fits of contrariness.

It is the desire to persevere together.
Today, tomorrow and all the days after.
I treasure these friendships for they are rare jewels.
They are not commonly found.

Between friends days, weeks, months, even years
Do not affect the bond.
A mile or 1,000 miles distance separating us
Does not separate our souls.

The treasure is the sharing of the moment.
It matters not the "when" nor the "where."
When the passion of young love burns off
With the passage of time.

Friendship is the beginning of love.
It is the underpinnings of a committed marriage,
Or relationship between two people.

Friendship provides the defense
Against attacks from others and events.
Friendship carries through the ages of
Youth, middle years, and those challenging last years.

The time of telling stories of adventures
Yesteryear brought to life again,
In the shared memories.

Friendship is saying, "Vaya con Dios"
When a dear friend's soul has slipped
The bounds of body and earth.

And saying, "I will Be with you soon.
Save a place for me."
With the faith and trust
A new adventure lies ahead.

Friendship is endurance
And many other things.

Originally written: October 22, 2010

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2 comments on Friendship is Endurance

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By Frank - icare2be on October 25, 2010 at 01:21 pm

@Garry, Thank you. How very true.. Just to have one friend throughout and entire life is an rare and amazing happening.

@Melody, Thank you..... for a lot of things... acceptance, encouragement, and understanding the words.


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By Frank - icare2be on October 25, 2010 at 10:19 pm

@askcherlock Thank you .. Friendships are precious.

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