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Joboo Mojo

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, October 21, 2010

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Giants fans

The Giants are winning with a little Joboo mojo apparently.

You know I haven't given the Giants much of a chance even before the series with the Phillies started. I thought they would be done in 4 and then, I thought they would be done after they won 2. But somehow they keep winning games. I think they have a little Joboo mojo going on as they seem to be one of the most superstitious teams going....and in baseball that's saying something.

First, you've got the Beard. It has become close to a thing of worship in San Francisco. Fear the Beard signs are everywhere. Each time Brian Wilson comes out to save a game, fans go wild. There are T-shirts and signs everywhere. Definitely working the Joboo mojo with that one.

Aubrey Huff admitted that he had started wearing his wife's red thong in hopes of getting out of his hitting slump, and he continues to wear it in every game. Huff said after he started wearing it that it would get them to 20 wins and it did exactly that, just enough to get them into the post season.

Pablo Sandoval goes to the plate and does the exact same moves every single time before he faces the pitcher. He pounds the batters’ box four times with his bat. Then he taps the bat against his toes and then, his shins and finally his helmet. His last move is to draw a cross figure in the dirt near home plate. Every single time without fail.

Tim Lincecum has a black hat that he has worn every time he starts and the team is allowed to wear black. He has worn it for ALL of his major league starts in which he could wear black and no, he has NEVER washed it.

Giants fans are no exception to the Joboo mojo. Several have grown the beard. One has worn his Giants jersey for every game and not washed it. Several bar patrons in San Francisco, go to the bar and order the same drinks in the same order for every game.

Call it superstition, call it mojo, call it Joboo voodoo, call it whatever you want, but the Giants are winning - when most everyone, except those superstitious ones, thought they would lose. Joboo mojo - the Giants never play without it apparently.

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