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Perpetuating The Bin Laden Myth

by Paul Wylie (writer), , October 19, 2010

Credit: Pakistani Observer
Bin Laden's last will and testament as reported in the Pakistani Observer

Just who benefits from keeping our national boogeyman in the spotlight just before every election?

Author's note: I wrote this article a little more than two years ago when it seemed that every time a vote was to take place or an election was upcoming, the powers that be would start the fear mongering about Osama Bin Laden. Once the Bush crowd left office, it was safely assumed the practice would end, but to our great national shame, there are those who would use the specter and ghost of a dead man to frighten people into voting one way or the other.

Read this article in the context of the time when it was written and then ask yourself, who is really behind these stories finding themselves into today's headlines? And what could they hope to benefit from them?

Today, once again just in time for a Senate vote that will decide whether or not we hold accountable those who have disregarded the laws of the United States in order to further their neo-fascist visions of power, we are treated to headlines in the media about hand written letters sent by none other than the ghost of Osama Bin Laden himself.

If you have not detected the pattern of the timing of these events by now, you're watching too many episodes of the Simpsons. Every single time the Congress is to vote on any measure that deals with either our national security, or accountability for those who have broken the law, they trot out Bin Laden, dust him off, and start the fear campaign once again.

Today is no different. Newsweek ran a story today in which they say that Bin Laden has been writing letters to tribal leaders, as well as Taliban heads, consoling them for the death of the son of one leader who was killed, and exhorting them to continue the fight against the Jewish and Christian invaders. Uh huh. And we know this how? Oh. Because some guys in mountain caves said so.

Looking at intelligence from just Israel should clear this matter up right away. Israel's Mossad and Aman have both stated they believed Bin Laden is dead, and as such is not even being actively sought.

George Bush stated that Bin Laden wasn't high on his to do list. "i just don't think about him that much. I am truly not that concerned about him." We know. When he does think, why would he think about a dead man?

Hamid Karzai, former Unocal employee, and installed Afghan President has stated that Bin Laden is dead, but he believes that Omar is still alive.

Dale Watson, of the F.B.I.'s own counter terrorism section said he believed Bin Laden to be dead.

Pakistan's Musharraf believes Bin Laden is dead, and has said as much to the CIA, through the CIA's Pakistani arm, the ISI.

The Pakistani Observer reported over five years ago that top Taliban officials who escaped Kabul during the U.S. led invasion, attended Bin Laden's funeral, and gave a copy of Bin Laden's will to the paper to print, which it did.

So what is going on with all of this hype about Bin Laden? It seems very simple really. The powers that be must have a boogeyman in order to perpetuate the fear they have instilled into the psyche of Americans for seven long years now. Childish attempts at deception through fake video and audio tapes have been seen through by thinking people and called for what they are.

No one in MSM dares to voice out loud what millions of us know. Bin Laden is dead, the war on terror is a sham designed to allow tyrants to run roughshod over the rule of law, and all they have to do to scare everyone back into paralysis is to utter three little words. Osama Bin Laden.

Looking at the vote to take place today in the Senate, I can refer to an Associated Press story from Jan. 24th that says this: "The companies were helping the administration carry out the so-called Terrorist Surveillance Program, a still-classified effort that intercepted communications on U.S. soil without oversight from the FISA court from Sept. 11, 2001, to Jan. 17, 2007."

Wrong! They started this program BEFORE the 9/11 attacks, way before, but now try to spin the story and weave it into a tale of Patriotism, much like the unconstitutional Patriot Acts. That's what the vote is about in the first place. To try to determine just how far this criminal regime has gone to falsely and illegally spy on Americans in the name of the war on a noun. But the media tries to portray this as simply a reaction to the 9/11 attacks, and that's a blatant lie.

So we have a dead terrorist who was funded by the CIA to the tune of six billion dollars writing letters to people telling them to kill Jews and Christians. Makes for good headlines and scare tactics on the eve of a Senate vote, but that doesn't make it true.

Watch for an ever increasing flow of audio tapes and videos from al-Zawahri to surface before the election, probably starting mid-summer. That's the pattern so far over the past years since 9/11, and with an historic election coming up, why would they change the pattern now?

The entire U.S. Military can't find him, the Pakistanis can't find him, the Israelis aren't even looking, and even the Super Size Me guy couldn't find him. Maybe they should send Super Rudy and his corrupt sidekick Kerik over there. Maybe then we could all put this myth to rest.

(Author's note: It should be noted that back in 2007, former Unocal employee and now Afghan President Karzai stated that Bin Laden was dead, but has recently made statements, in line with his American masters wishes, that he believes Bin Laden to be alive. Who are Karzai's handlers? Think. Who has the most to gain from a frightened American populace and who, in our ever increasingly nasty political game have used the fear card time and again to try to subdue you?)

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By Theresa H Hall on October 19, 2010 at 06:08 pm

I don't think this man is even alive, and why he is brought up prior to elections is strange business, suspicious really.

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