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Almost Time To Vote & I've Got Issues With The Issues

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I've Got Issues With The Issues.

Why Can't We, As Voters Have The Power to Say, "You're Fired" If Candidates Don't Deliver What They Promise On The Campaign Trail?

Not too long ago, there was a rally held in Washington, D.C. Though I wasn't in the District of Columbia for the rally, I had a friend with me and the two of us decided to take advantage of all there was to see as a tourist in the area. So, as the rally was held right in front of the Lincoln Memorial, and that was on the list of things to visit, there was a lot to hear and see whether one wanted to or not.

Many who spoke before hundreds who were on hand that day, talked of the need for change in leadership. This was nothing I was surprised to hear. And this was nothing that I felt was going to make much of a difference. Afterall, how many times has change been the theme or the item most needed to help our country improve?

Those in attendance of this all-day rally represented various causes, carrying a multitude of signs such as "Jobs, Justice & Education," "Arrest Bush," and even a man who designed a flag to represent the hope that blacks and whites would be able to find a way to focus on building a bridge toward communication and understanding.

With all the people, the signs, the speeches, I couldn't get past what had been brewing in my mind for the past few weeks. I shared a conversation with a friend over the phone and we agreed that, overall politicians campaigned for their jobs but didn't seem to live up to their campaign promises. No one was holding politicians accountable. And no one was able to say, 'you just aren't performing up to the standard this position needs. You're fired.'

Thinking about this further, it seemed reasonable to consider taking a different approach towards selecting those who serve us in the House of Representatives, the Senate and even The White House. A new process to select qualified leadership could take its foundation from successful businesses that research potential employees, go through a rigorous interview and hiring process prior to selecting any specific person for a job within a particular company.

Earning The Right To Representing the United States as a Political Figure

ONE: The candidate who is voted into office must vote as he or she promises to do during his or her campaign. The campaign promises will act as a legal and binding document between his or her constituents and the politician.

TWO: Any proven deviation from the contract can and will constitute immediate dismissal as the representative for the district and/or specific state initially voted into office to represent.

THREE: The candidate with the second highest number of votes will immediately replace the first elected official.

The bottom line is, all politicians would be treated as employees of their district and/or state they are representing. If the politician can not or will not maintain the level of work and professionalism expected, the politician would be subject to immediate dismissal.

Consider the idea that all politicians would be employees of the district and/or state they served. If they weren't able to deliver the promises clearly outlined during their campaign, they would be fired.

Politicians are in the business of serving those they represent. If they can not or will not represent those who put them into office, the politician would be fired. And why not?

Just as an employee with any company is hired to do a job, based on previous experience and success, so should any politician be held to similar, if not more stringent standards.

Afterall, politicians aren't making decisions with money that merely impacts the success or struggles of one business. They are receiving their annual salary and spending money that comes from tax dollars - money that belongs to you and I.

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