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by dy_eve (writer), Romania, October 06, 2010

Credit: illustrations by Raphaël Collin
Daphnis and Chloe

What if the whole moment would be true? What if he is the strong voice that breaks her minds perimeter?

What if the whole moment would be true?

What if he is the strong voice that breaks her minds perimeter?

What if she doesn't want to keep yes and no chained, because she has a clean and pure conscience?

What if she had forgotten her complete form till the suburbs,at least for a moment?

What if he wud be there , to drag everything out of her , to outline her better?

What if she would remain disconnected of mind , leaving it permanently as a past witness.

What if he has sneaked like a hearth-thief , because she can't harm her?

What if she would gradually be tamed , aspiring at the powers that formed him?

What if she would dance to sum up zero's , then attached HIM as a number?

What if he and she would then be valuable?

What if he strenghtnes,amplifies all their chemistry together?

What if she aggravates the will spoken constantly and tripled by him?

What if she would get him up as high as a kite?

What if their sous are beyond them now, and their bodies are trying tot keep up with them?

He is the devils attorney that lives her abundant emotions.

She is the judge that wants to share the same emotion with him.

He sees that she's delicate, pure and fragile.

She does the attraction and rejection game for him

She acts contrary but with a soothing touch.

He tastes her chemistry,suppresing it in a concept of "me and mine".

He swims in an ocean of happiness,knowing himself and herself.

She identifies him , cultivates him,and finally kisses him.

Thirstened now , he deepens more in her stately cup.

She prolongs the sound of the common note.


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By Angie Alaniz on October 24, 2010 at 12:27 am


How did I miss this?

I love it!!

So Strong and yet soft.

I was sad it short, because it ended. : /

Yet, perfect because it sure got into my heart!

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