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Don't Throw Away Your Take-Out Menus Just Yet

by S. Manfredi (writer), Upper East Side, February 23, 2007


As disturbing footage of a rat infested Taco Bell hits the airwaves tonight, we are reminded that looks can be deceiving. The combined KFC and Taco Bell restaurant, located in the West Village, was closed early this morning after a pedestrian glanced in the window and saw dozens of rats roaming the floors and counters. If the Department of Health had not stepped in, the restaurant would have opened for business today. From this we can only infer that other restaurants with similar problems are open to customers every day.

This disgusting news blurb is enough to make an avid restaurant goers stomach roll over. There is no need to cancel your reservations, however. Every restaurant in New York is subject to Health Inspections, on a regular basis. The New York City Department of Health provides us with the results of these inspections, at no cost to the consumer. By following their link : , you can view the recent Health Inspection results of any restaurant, as well as their previous results to see if recurring problems have been addressed.

The website also provides an explanation of the technical jargon used, the amount of violation points each restaurant has, and an explanation of why these points were accumulated.

Although the news may tell us otherwise, the concerned patron does not have to resign themselves to a life of home cooking. By becoming an informed consumer, you can guarantee that what you consume is completely safe.

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