Wednesday, September 26, 2018

99ers Have to Wait, It's Not the Worst Thing To Be Done

On Wednesday, September 29th, the Senate Bill S.3706 - Americans Want to Work Act died.

Best estimates state that between 4 and 5.5 million Americans are 99ers with an estimated 40,000 more a week joining that total. The U.S. unemployment rate hovers at 9.6%. 99ers are unemployed, through no fault of their own, United States Citizens who have used 99 weeks of unemployment insurance, including 67 weeks extended insurance, and have not landed a new job.

Those are the facts on the side of the 99ers.

On Wednesday, Senator Debbie Stabenow(D-MI) introduced Senate Legislation S3706-Americans Want to Work Act, which she drafted on August 4th, to the Senate for a vote and/or approval. Sen. George LeMieux(R-FLA) objected to Stabenow's request for unanimous consent as follows:

"Without knowing how much it is going to cost and how we're going to pay for it, while we're all certainly sympathetic and want to work to make people go back to work -- my home state of Florida certainly suffering with very high unemployment -- we need to know how we're going to pay for it so we don't put this debt on our children and grandchildren".

That same Sen. George Lemuex(R-FLA) seemed to feel a different way in June, and "tweeted" his thoughts after an extension of Tier 4 benefits legislation discussion:

Sen. George LeMieux: Senate Rs offered fully paid 2 month extension of unemployment benefits, but Senate Ds said no. Now, whose on the side of the people?"

1 Jul

The most common take on Wednesdays blockage is that someone from the GOP would've blocked the Bill, it just happened to be Sen. George LeMuiex(R-FLA) who in June made sure we all knew the GOP was for the people by voting in favor of a Tier 4 extension. This same man hails from the state of Florida whose unemployment rate was 11.7% for August.

The Republicans want the voters, and 99ers, to believe it's all about the budget. We must never add to the budget, nothing is more important than the budget. Swap out the word budget for deficit in any of the previous occurences if you like.

So it's confusing to the 99ers that the Republicans also blocked increased taxes on companies that ship jobs overseas, out of the United States. Seem as if this bill would've both helped the job market and the deficit. But this too was defeated, this time by a Republican filibuster.

I do realize both my examples are showing the GOP blocking the Democrats, I do apologise for that "one-sidedness", but those two examples, in my opinion, prove better than any other two, how the United States Government is broken and in need of a fix, and soon.

Thumbing through Sen. George LeMieux's past tweets on twitter, I reminds me of a brother and sister fight using words:

"She did this to me"

"He said this to me"

"She's touching me"

Rather than doing what's good for the American people, he seems rather wrapped into being a Republican.

The same can be said for many Democrats as well. Rather than becoming bipartisan and working together for the good of the people, they seem to like doing nothing and pointing the finger across the aisle.

Yesterday the only thing both sides could agree on was to recess for 6 weeks and return after the elections. Well, some will return. They took 3 hours to reach common ground on this motion, 3 hours.

So while those in power run for re-election on empty promises, and those not running support their buddies who are or just going to take a well-earned vacation after a very strenuous 3 weeks of hard, hard work since their last month-long recess, the 99ers numbers will grow, the homeless numbers will grow, the number of American companies employing workforces in other countries will grow, and so will the deficit.

I guess a few million to the Americans who needed it really wasn't that important after all, was it?

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