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Movie Review - "It's Kind of a Funny Story"

by BusinessLife (writer), The Carolinas, September 30, 2010

What's reality to someone who lives in an everyday world of depression?

NOTE: This isn’t a movie for kids.

This is possibly a movie for those who know someone living with depression. Since I haven’t seen it yet, I can’t know the movie’s full content. I don’t like hearing the Lord’s name taken in vain in the music. My hope is that the movie clip’s message is just a whisper of what we may see in the film about the reality we face trying to understand the world around us when you’re just a teen.

It’s not any easier dealing with depression at any age. But in the clip, the one line that I think is strongest comes from the teen’s friend. The teen says, ‘what do I do to be you for just one day?’ And his friend says, ‘I just live.’ It’s realizing that even if we see the world as out of control and chaotic, we aren’t alone by a long shot. There are millions who think we live in a bowl of cracked nuts and we’re just hoping not to crack ourselves.

One addition to the trailer I would make? When the young boy says, ‘what do I do to be you for just one day?’ I would have his friend say, ‘discover the faith inside you and live!’

Enjoy the trailer.
"It's Kind of A Funny Story"

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