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Working for Dirt Cheap, Life Without Federal Minimum Wage

Credit: Lex Lumiere
Making a Stand for Fair Wages at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

Some politicians think the federal minimum wage is outdated. Maybe they should work for minimum wage.

The unpaid college intern working in my office shared with me how she had just been hired by Bloomberg's CEO program and was placed on a monthly stipend for the length of the program, which lasts less than a year. Her concern was the hiring manager told her to apply for food stamps since her stipend would barely cover rent in New York City.

"Wow. A program created be a BILLIONAIRE cannot afford to pay a college graduate a decent living wage?"

I laughed so hard tears came to my eyes.

Party affiliation does not matter when corruption comes as a two sided political coin. Do corrupt politicians think the American public is stupid enough not to notice their desire to reduce our wages is in order to increase their profit level at the top? Regardless of party loyalty, these particular politicans are highly motivated to reduce working class wages but not their own salaries. Maybe they should try working for minimum wage themselves.

U.S. Senate candidate John Raese, himself a multimillionaire, recently said the federal minimum wages is an outdated and unnecessary concept that should be abolished! Mr. Raese is obviously planning to destroy the American worker's employment wage rights, sending us right back to the time before the Great Depression. Even my great grandparents would protest eliminating minimum wage. There is nothing quite like working a seven day work week, to then stand in long lines waiting to be paid by rigged weights and measures, managed by corrupt employers who paid employees less than what was originally promised. Historically companies like Levi's jeans were known for hiring immigrants to sew their clothes and then call law enforcement on them to have them deported when it was time to pay their salaries, so they would not have to pay.

Can you imagine what would happen if there is not a BASE MINIMUM pay wage? Workers will be paid dirt.

Perhaps Mr. Raese tore a page from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) notebook, "abolish minimum wage and pay employees $1.25 per hour for an 80 hour work week in military compound work setting. No work breaks other than one food break per day. Make employees wear depends diapers to maximize work produtivity. Keep profit for self. Kill political dissidents via fake suicides using special military ops."

Even Michael Steele, Chairman of the RNC, was asked to "specify what the amount of federal minimum wage should be. And guess what? He didn't know. He said the question was a trap, when in reality his lack of knowledge about the working class hourly income was a slap to the country's estimated 980,000 minimum-wage workers." Dear Mr. Steele, fyi...

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, for a 40 hr wk week = $290 per week, $1160 per month, $13,920 per year.

The HHS Poverty Guidelines state the 100% Poverty Threshold for a family of 3 is $18,310

According to the Census Bureau taken in 2007, the National Annual Household income of the American family living above the poverty level is $50,233.00 and only 1.93% of all American households have annual incomes exceeding $250,000.

None of the above figures include the taxes deducted from our annual income.

American Workers (especially those paid at a minimum wage level,) repeat after me:

"I, an American Worker employed in the United States, deserve a better quality of life. I will not work a 40+ hour work week to be poor. I will not work four jobs to pay my bills because employers are too greedy to pay a decent livable wage. American Workers deserve to be paid FAIR LIVING WAGES for their labor. We deserve to earn a pay raise or bonus when the national GDP increases and our country is more profitable as a result of our hard work. American Workers deserve decent benefits and medical care for the federal, state and sales taxes we pay.

Our elected representative(s) will no longer be paid more than double the National Annual Household income of the American Family, while my family and I struggle to survive. Our benefits packages and vacation time must be equal to those of our elected representatives. We will not pay for politicians that do not work a 40 hour work week or a minimum of 11 months out of the year. Our elected representatives will be held to the same work requirements, standards and pay scale as the average American Worker. If their employment or political performance 'representing the citizens of the United States' is poor, the politician will be terminated immediately and replaced by a more qualified political representative to better represent working class citizens.

We, the American Worker will no longer support political corruption regardless of political party affiliation. In order to protect the American Workforce and labor market, we demand a Constitutional Amendment requiring ALL BUSINESSES INCORPORATED IN THE UNITED STATES to maintain 60% of their manufacturing and production facilities on United States land. If they chose not to do so, their corporate status is to be dissolved immediately, along with all benefits, political incentives and tax breaks.

In order to make a political stand, I will write my state representative(s) and create or join a Union to protect my Employment Rights & Wages. I will strike. I will march. I will protest in order to create positive changes in labor reform."

Do you know the yearly salary of your locally elected politician? Do some research. The average American Politician makes over $150k on the low end of the spectrum. According to Pay Wizard, a database that collects the salaries of politicians, survey says:

Joe Biden - Vice President of the USA - Born: 1942 USA, Pennsylvania - Married - Children: 3
  • Annual: USD 227,300.00
  • Monthly: USD 18,941.00
  • Weekly: USD 4,546.00
  • Daily: USD 909.00
Sarah Palin - Retired Public Speaker, Writer, 11th Governor of Alaska - Born: 1964 United States - Married - Children: 5
  • Annual: USD 12,000,000.00
  • Monthly: USD 1,000,000.00
  • Weekly: USD 240,000.00
  • Daily: USD 48,000.00
Hillary Clinton - United States Secretary of State - Born: 1947 USA, Illinois - Married - Children: 1
  • Annual: USD 186,600.00
  • Monthly: USD 15,550.00
  • Weekly: USD 3,732.00
  • Daily: USD 746.00
Ben Bernanke - Chairman of the Federal Reserve - Born: 1953 USA - Married - Children: 2
  • Annual: USD 191,300.00
  • Monthly: USD 15,941.00
  • Weekly: USD 3,826.00
  • Daily: USD 765.00
John McCain - Senator Arizona and Republican candidate for the 2008 presidential election - Born: 1936 USA - Married - Children: 7
  • Annual: USD 231,649.00
  • Monthly: USD 19,304.00
  • Weekly: USD 4,632.00
  • Daily: USD 926.00

Maybe we should look to the salary of the Zimbabwe for a more realistic politicians pay grade:

Robert Mugabe - President Zimbabwe - Born: 1924 Zimbabwe - Married - Children: 3
  • Annual: USD 18,000.00
  • Monthly: USD 1,500.00
  • Weekly: USD 360.00
  • Daily: USD 72.00

In order to establish positive political change in the United States, we, the American Workers stood together at the feet of the Lincoln Memorial. Looking towards the Nation's Capitol, the lawn was an endless ocean of people making a stand for fair wages and their employment rights. Together, we remembered how Employment Rights and Employment Unions have walked hand in hand to protect workers since 1866 and fought for labor reform in order to; establish fair wages, the eight hour work day, the five day work week and child labor laws. We remembered our ancestors who made sacrifices for the labor rights we have today, for the time when children were used for hard labor and often burned to death in factory fires due to the lack of safety & regulatory standards for employers. Thousands of Unions representing the diversity of workers across the United States of America joined together to make their powerful presence known, from the Teamster's to DC 37, the largest Union from New York City. There was also a new union called the U3, representing the 31 million unemployed workers in the United States. Collectively the presence of these unions represented workers from every walk of professional life: plumbers, electricians, government employees, teachers, contractors and many other trades.

Standing together, we, the American Workers are a force to be reckoned with and the message is loud and clear:

We will not work to be poor. We want fair living wages, a decent quality of life and corrupt politicians out of office.

Take a stand for minimum wage now

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By Agit8r on October 31, 2010 at 12:23 am

The Lincoln Memorial is indeed an appropriate setting, given that it was Abe who said "Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves the much the higher consideration."

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By john robertson on November 02, 2010 at 02:35 am

F***ing Republicans.

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By Lady D on November 03, 2010 at 12:55 pm

All politicians can only live on minimum wage while in office. All other assets are frozen till they get out of office.

No more career politicians.

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By Batman on November 03, 2010 at 09:48 pm

Actually, Unions are part if not all of the problem. The laws are still in place, even without collective bargaining agreements.

I believe most of you will be singing a different tune shortly, when both the NFL and MLB both lose entire seasons based on the shortsightedness of Union leaders....

One of you mentioned the Civil War. Do you know why it was fought? A history check will tell you that the reasons for the war are not what you'd first think they'd be.

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By Lumiere on November 04, 2010 at 01:00 pm

I appreciate your comments. Hurricane Dean you are my fav historian. :) Great idea Lady D.

Check this out:

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