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How to Create Your Day In A Positive Way

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Think positive to bring about positive changes in your life

Setting your intentions each morning can help to create the day you want to have.

Are you the type of person who lets outer circumstances set the tone for the day you will have? Do you allow other people or events to control your emotions? If so then this article is for you.

I want to explain the effect that allowing out circumstances and other people to control your emotions and day can have. When you allow this to happen you are letting go of your own power. If you know anything about the law of attraction then you know that you have to power to turn every day into a great day. One way of doing this is to set your intentions.

The first thing I do every morning when I wake is to spend around 10 minutes thinking about what I want to experience that day. I visualize how I want my work day to go and how others will react to me. I actually plan my day out before I even get out of bed. I also spend a few minutes feeling grateful for the things I have in my life and the wonderful things that I am going to experience that day.

I then write all my intentions down in a notebook which makes it easier for me to visualize what I want to experience. I spend a few minutes imagining how my day is going to unfold in my mind and the emotions that I will experience. I pretend that I am watching a movie in my head and I am in control of the story and how it will unfold.

One of the most important things when visualizing and setting your intentions for the day is to allow yourself to feel the emotions as if everything was happening in this very moment. You need to really immerse yourself in the feelings. You can use this process for everything you would like to attract in your life. The key is to actually visualize and feel yourself having it right now.

Once I have finished my morning ritual I normally feel fantastic and I have high expectations for the day ahead. It is normally very hard to break my good mood too which is something that I really love. I just carry on with my day and my normal routine and I keep affirming to myself throughout the day that great things are happening. This may sound a little over the top if you have never tried it but I suggest that you really do give it a go before making any conclusions because it does work.

Throughout the day you should avoid any negative feelings if you can. These will interfere with the good intentions that you have set for your day so walk away or change your thoughts if you experience any negativity.

During your work breaks you can take a few minutes to remember the things you visualized that morning as this will help to bring about all those amazing positive feelings again. Remember to affirm that your day is going great even if you can’t see it at that very moment. It will happen.

If you use this intention setting process every day you will start to notice a big difference in how your day goes. Instead of letting little things bother and upset you, you will be able to remove the negative feelings and focus on the positive instead. Being positive and happy is a choice that we all have and if you want to see changes in your life and have great days everything day, all you have to do is choose it. Set your intentions when you wake and watch how you shape your day.

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