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Beyond Justice: An Interview with Joshua Graham

Credit: Joshua Graham
Beyond Justice

Interview with Joshua Graham, author of the suspense thriller novel, 'Beyond Justice.'


Sam Hudson, a reputable San Diego attorney, learns this when the authorities wrongfully convict him of the brutal rape and murder of his wife and daughter, and sends him to death row. There he awaits execution by lethal injection.

If he survives that long.

In prison, Sam fights for his life while his attorney works frantically on his appeal. It is then that he embraces the faith of his departed wife and begins to manifest supernatural abilities. Abilities which help him save lives– his own, those of his unlikely allies–and uncover the true killer’s identity, unlocking the door to his exoneration.

Now a free man, Sam’s newfound faith confronts him with the most insurmountable challenge yet. A challenge beyond vengeance, beyond rage, beyond anything Sam believes himself capable of: to forgive the very man who murdered his family, according to his faith. But this endeavor reveals darker secrets than either Sam or the killer could ever have imagined. Secrets that hurtle them into a fateful collision course.

BEYOND JUSTICE, a tale of loss, redemption, and the power of faith.

This is the wonderful premise of Joshua Graham’s new suspense thriller, Beyond Justice (Dawn Treader Press). We had a chance to interview Joshua about his new book. Enjoy!

Thank you for this interview, Joshua. Can we begin by having you tell us what your new book, Beyond Justice, is all about?

Joshua: Great to be here, thanks for the opportunity. Beyond Justice is a legal thriller with supernatural elements. But at its heart, it is a parable much like the book of Job. This book is about a man’s journey through loss, redemption and forgiveness. How does one deal with the worst nightmare coming to life: being wrongfully convicted of the murder of his wife and daughter?

What an interesting premise. A guy is wrongfully accused of rape and murder and is sent to death row. However, through his faith, he discovered he has supernatural powers. I’d love to here about these powers – what do they involve? And does this help him get out of jail?

Joshua: I don’t want to give away too much about it, but the protagonist, Sam Hudson starts off disdainful of any religion but out of respect for his departed wife’s faith, allows her close friends from her church to help Sam get through the aftermath of her death. He still rejects religion all the way until he goes to prison. But he begins to question all he thought he believed (or didn’t believe) while in prison. He starts to witness things that simply cannot be a coincidence, as much as he would like them to be. Then, much to his bewilderment, he begins to manifest the supernatural abilities–a clairvoyant gift known as the gift of prophecy, or word of knowledge, or word of wisdom. They allow him to know things humanly impossible to know regarding the future, the past, and present. These powers help him survive the brutalities of prison and play a big part in solving the mystery of the book. But what really sets him free from prison (both physical and spiritual) is the truth.

Did your own faith have anything to do with the writing of this book?

Joshua: Definitely. Much of my own belief system is infused into this book. I’m not a preachy person in real life, and I’m glad that people have not found my book preachy at all.

The inspiration behind your story really had an interesting beginning based on a sermon on forgiveness with the subject of Dennis Rader, the BTK serial killer and how he fooled everyone in his life, even his pastor whose church he actually attended. In your opinion, do you believe God forgives even people who do such heinous acts? Also, if you can answer this, how can a person be evil and good at the same time?

Joshua:I believe nothing is impossible for God. I might find it hard to comprehend how He can forgive some evil people, but it would be presumptuous of me to limit Him and say he couldn’t forgive anyone. Can’t just isn’t a word that can be associated with God. And I don’t know if anyone can be evil AND good at the same time, but we have all seen bad people do good things, and good people do bad things. I’m just glad it’s not my job to judge people. That’s something best left for The Almighty.

In your opinion, what is the key ingredient for writing a suspense thriller that will keep readers turning page after page and not want to put it down?

Joshua: Keeping the reader wondering what will happen next, and making them really care.

Finally, I like to ask authors this question…what is your passion? What is it that you’re more passionate about than anything else?

Joshua:I am passionate about telling entertaining and meaningful stories that inspire and help people see life in a way they might not otherwise have considered.

Thanks for coming,Joshua! Do you have any final words?

Joshua: I just want to thank the many people who made this book possible. There are too many to mention here, but I have to thank Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Rusch, the entire Oregon Writer’s Network, my dear friends and church family, and of course, my beautiful wife and children. They all played an integral part in my becoming a writer, and have shaped a lot of who I am–which in turn shapes what I write.

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