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Fantasy Buzz: Blood-Sucking Mayhem Circa 1812

by badmojoe78 (writer), San Antonio, Texas, September 24, 2010

Credit: Creative Commons
Muskets, Cannons, and Wooden Stakes.

What do Vampires have to do with Napoleon's ill-fated invasion of Russia? Read Jasper Kent's novel about that very thing to find out! Or just read this.

Are you tired of vampires? Are you sick to death of teenagers running around all starry-eyed because of some ridiculous teen fiction? Well suck it up! Vampires can be interesting, as long as they are not hitting on teenage girls. They can be especially interesting when the story takes place during the Napoleonic Wars. Consider Jasper Kent's novel, Twelve. This ain't no kiddie story either, so expect some blood and gore as one Russian soldier declares war on the fanged creatures of darkness.

Captain Aleksei Ivanovich Danilov, a soldier in the army of Tsar Alexander I, is part of a small group of irregulars responsible for fighting Russia's enemies with any means necessary. As Napoleon's Grandee Armee drives deeper into an unprepared Russia, Aleksei and three companions take charge of a band of mercenaries from Wallachia(part of modern day Romania). As the French invasion escalates, Aleksei becomes sure there is something sinister about his new allies. I won't spoil anything but, as you might have already guessed, the Wallachians are vampires.

While there is a lot of vampire hunting, as well as war and all its ruinous side-effects, there is also a lot of rationalization on Aleksei's part. He is a bit of a thinker, and often his rationalization turns into more of an exploration of his perspective on things. He discusses in length his feelings on killing people and his lack of feelings for killing vampires. He also touches on the nature of suffering and how we as humans deal with it, or don't. The addition of vampires and their capacity for violence just makes his internal discussions even more fascinating.

This is truly a great book. The vampire aspect mixed with the historical military fiction aspect makes a very unique blend. Add to that Aleksei's mental explorations and this book becomes much more than I thought it would be when I first picked it up. According to Kent's website this book is the first of five, so read this book and keep your stake sharpened for more vampire action coming soon.

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