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Using A Pedometer To Help You Get Fit

by Amanda J Evans (writer), Newbridge, Ireland, September 22, 2010

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Omron Pedometer

When it comes to motivation and keeping fit a pedometer is an excellent tool. Not only does it help you to get fit, it also helps you to stay motivated.

A pedometer is a small, inexpensive device that is great for motivating you to get out and about. It is perfect for those who procrastinate when it comes to exercise. The great thing that I have found when using a pedometer is that it makes me want to move more and I actually find that I am challenging myself to do more each day.

What is a pedometer?

A pedometer is a small, compact device that measures the number of steps that you take. There are also models that can measure the amount of calories that you have burned and how long you spent doing aerobic exercise.

The pedometer normally clips onto your belt and it measures your steps every time your foot makes contact with the ground. They are very cheap to buy and you can get a good one for as little as $20.

When you are shopping for a pedometer I would recommend that you get a model that measures the amount of steps you take, the calories you have burned, the distance you have walked and the speed that you have been walking. This is all very useful information and it will help as you get more into your fitness routine.

There are more expensive devices that can include a pulse monitor, stop watch, radio and more but the basic model is quite adequate.

How To Set Up Your Pedometer

When you get your pedometer there are a number of things that you will have to do first. These include entering your height, weight and average stride length. Don’t worry; you will get instructions on how to measure your stride length. Once you have all the information inputted you just clip your pedometer to your belt and you are ready to go.

The model that I have resets itself at 12 midnight each night. I just slip it on in the morning when I get up and it measures the amount of steps that I take during the day.

It is recommended that you should take 10,000 steps each day to remain fit and healthy. When I first put on my pedometer and discovered that I only took 1,000 steps in a normal day I was quite shocked. This new found information really motivated me to move more. Instead of sitting down when I was talking on the phone I started to walk up and down. Instead of parking in the school car park, I parked a block or two away and walked.

I started checking my pedometer at regular intervals during the day and if I wasn’t where I wanted to be I just started walking for a couple of minutes. It really is amazing how quickly you can get your step count up. Even just walking around your house for 10 minutes can add 1,000 steps or more.

When you wear a pedometer you really do start to think about the number of steps you are taking and you are motivated to reach your daily target. It is a great way to start a fitness program and in no time at all you will be making a real effort to hit the 10,000 a day mark.

In my experience, the pedometer has been a great motivational tool for getting fit and I can now proudly say that I am living a healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t have done this without my pedometer.

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