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Halo: Reach. Is the Campaign Worth It?

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I surrender!!!!

Do you like Halo for the one-player campaign? Not sure if you should buy it since most of what you've heard is about the multiplayer? I've got the scoop. Trust me, you should read this.

Although many would disagree with me, I think the best thing about Halo has always been the campaign. The enemy AI is the most advanced I have ever played against and nothing is better than running into a gang of bellowing Elites and trying to melee them all to death. Unfortunately for me, most of the hoopla surrounding Halo: Reach has been focused on the multiplayer aspect. Thus far Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios have not let me down, however, even with the some-what disappointing ODST. So, hoping that they would not let me down now, I purchased Halo: Reach with the sole purpose of playing the campaign.

Let me put it simply by saying: it was totally worth it. Everything that has made the past Halo games so great is here, only better. New and improved weapons, cool and devastating vehicles, and endless hordes of aliens, baying for your blood and laughing in scorn when you fall to a flash of plasma. They won't be doing it in English either. Yep, the Covenant speak their own languages once again. I suppose you don't want to humanize the guys that are going to kill you eventually, since we all know that Reach falls in the end.

Another thing changed is instead of picking up a special device that has one use, you can now pick up an ability which is reusable after a short recharge. Sprinting, active-camouflage, and the jetpack ability add another dimension to the battlefield. Best of all, you can now enjoy the campaign with up to three friends! But be warned, the more Spartans on your team, the more aliens coming after you.

If you had doubts as to whether the campaign is any good, trust me when I say you will not be disappointed. Get ready for some serious carnage that will last up to ten hours for one straight run-through. That's a lot of aliens dying. Make sure you stay to the end of the credits. And remember, a Spartan never dies, they're just missing-in-action.

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