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The Leaders of Tolerance Become Intolerant

by Mindagape (writer), , September 22, 2010

Election in Sweden shows chasms in society

Sunday the 19th of September 2010 is forever marked in the Swedish history books.

For the first time, the right-wing has been able to hold on to power over two election periods in what has otherwise been an almost exclusively socialist dominated country.

The Social Democrats, Sweden's mainstay political party of the 20th century has suffered their worst election since the 1920's.

These events are truly remarkable, showing a political shift in the former poster child country for cradle to grave welfare.

But, this is not what is making headlines, It is not what people will remember. What will be remembered is that Swedes elected 20 of the country's 349 parliament chairs to the Anti Immigration focused "Sweden Democrats". Awarding them a position as the Balance of Power where the other parties failed to reach their own majority.

The Sweden Democrats have a past of ties to Neo-Nazi sympatizers, and is commonly refered to in Sweden as a Racist party, Although they maintain that they are not racist, something shown by the number of members with immigrant background.

Irrationality and Hatred

The immediate reaction from the Swedes has been dramatic. Protest marches all over the country, Two of the largest Newspapers are actively participating in these protests. And this is where the truly frightening development in Sweden is shown.

One of - if not the - largest newspaper has a campaign called "Vi Gillar Olika", translated "We Like Different". A campaign focusing on how so many people in Sweden like immigration and immigrants, and the multiculturalism they represent.

Liking different is hailed as being on the side of the good. The illogical approach is of course not hard to find. What they are really saying is "We like different, As long as everybody believes the same thing as e do."

The wording of the Swedes in general is one of hatred against the Sweden democrats. Showing again, that the ones holding their beliefs as representative of love for everyone. Has little but hatred for those that disagree.

The actions are shedding light on the actual situation in this country of human rights champions. Increased polarity and growing chasms between not only racial and socioeconomic groups, but more importantly, intolerance of different beliefs and ideologies, are coloring the country.

Acts of Violence,

Truly disturbing notions have surfaced in Sweden, The Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, Sweden's highest political position, commented on an assault and battery of a Sweden Democrat that "The victim shouldn't be surprised when this happens, since he is a Sweden Democrat." Marking a distinct difference to the normal democratic values and defense of human rights that Sweden has been known for in the past.

Since the election, an unknown person has hacked the Sweden Democrats database. Posting more than 5000 names of people who have requested information about the party Online.

Inside of 24 hours of the list being made public, one person has been stabbed, the assailant claiming he "Believed the victim was a Sweden Democrat", another person whose name is on the list has been subjected to death threats.

The end of democracy in Sweden?

These protestors, are clearly missing the real meaning of their own protest. The Sweden Democrats receiving almost 6% of the national vote, and reaching into the 20+ percentile in some local elections, are clearly a reaction to something else being amiss in the country.

Those that voted for this party may well be misguided as to what is causing these problems, they may be wrong in voting for a solution that won't work. But they are voters in a Democracy. Attacking them for their votes is an attack on that very Democracy in itself.

The established political parties have all said that they will not discuss or negotiate anything with the newly elected members of parliament that represent the Sweden Democrats. There will be no coöperation with them on any matter whatsoever.

That a political leadership clearly stipulates that 6% of the population shall have no voice, simply because they believe different is indeed a dramatic shift away from what a Democracy really is. That such gross abuse of power and Democratic rights exist in a country like Sweden is even harder to believe.

That it comes from a political party that in the past have had both discussions and negotiations with a traditionally Marxist Communist party, shows that there are winds of change blowing against Democracy in Sweden.

What Sweden faces in the future is hard to tell, but it is clear that many in Sweden are unhappy with having what so many others would give their lives for. A functioning Democracy where everyone has a right to their opinions, and one vote to voice it with.

It seems that the tolerance Sweden and the Swedes have been known for, is either gone, or only existed while no one voiced a difference of opinion.

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