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Republicans Taste Their Own Medicine

by D. E. Carson (writer), , September 19, 2010

Even Karl Rove was visibly shaken after last Tueday's rout in Delaware

Robert Gibbs is a horse's ass. So are Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Karl Rove.

Wait a minute! Did reknown Republican backer D.E.Carson actually say that Karl Rove is a horse's ass? Oh, my GOD! It's a sign of the apocolypse.

Yes and remember folks, you read it here first, D.E.Carson actually called Karl Rove a horse's ass and lumped him in with such undesirable nimrods as Robert Gibbs, Obama, Reid and Pelosi. So here's why I did it. It's really a simple answer. Because D.E.Carson is not a straight-ticket, down-the-line Republican (okay, so I channeled Bob Dole there for a minute, but hear me out).

Before last Tuesday, Republicans were so cock-sure that Michael Castle was going to be re-elected to represent the Republicans in November that it appears that even Republican political analyst and Fox News contributor Karl "the Architect" Rove couldn't control his surprise. In fact, he actually went on Fox News' Hannity and excoriated the people of Delaware for electing Christine O'Donnell as the Republican candidate over Representative Castle. Of course the horse-ass mouthpiece of the White House couldn't resist showing his pompousness claiming that O'Donnell's victory in Delaware would help the Dim-ocrats retain their control of Congress.

What Rove, Gibbs and the rest of the Washington establishment are forgetting is that "We the people of the United States" are not stupid. We know male bovine fecal material when we smell it -- even people who live in cities can identify that smell. Democrats love to go around promising to give away the house to lazy, worthless bums who lie around at home all day watching TV and waiting for the "guvmint" check to show up. Republicans have lost their minds as well claiming that the Democrats are selling out America to China, al Qaeda and others yet failing to stand up, draw the line in the sand and being the Republican Party that swept Reagan into office.

The people, the real people who run America kept Bush in office for eight years. Then in 2008, when Barry Soetoro and Company howled at how badly the Republicans had done things, the people basically said to Soetoro, "All right. You think you're so smart you have four years."

But the people were watching and when Soetoro didn't come through, the people said, "That's what we thought. You're no better than the claims you make against the Republicans." That's what happened on Tuesday.

The people are tired. We're SICK and tired of all the crap that comes out of Washington. And it's the same crap no matter who's in office. We get donkey crap from the Democrats and we get elephant crap from the Republicans. The people of Delaware weren't trying to hand Obama a victory in November, they're trying to hand mainstream Washington a very clear and succinct message: KNOCK OFF THE CRAP!!! The people are fed up with being lied to, having poorly-thought-out bills rammed down our throats, being told that the administration has been on top of a crisis "since day one" when in fact they didn't even know where the crisis was, let alone be on top of it, tired of presidents who can't stand up to anybody, tired of presidents who go around the world apologizing for America as if we've done any of the things we're accused of, tired of Congressmen who don't even read the bills they're voting on, tired of a government that will not protect them from illegal aliens, tired of a president who thinks illegal aliens should be referred to as "undocumented Democrats" but most of all, we are tired of a government thinking it can do whatever it wants because it thinks it knows better than we do. The truth is, ours is the most incompetent government on the planet and its because we the people have let it get that way.

It's time for a real change in Washington. Obama grossly overpromised as he stood before his Greek columns at Mile High Stadium in Denver and eighteen months later he has grossly underdelivered. The Republicans weren't much better under Bush although they did manage to keep us from being attacked again -- then again, al Qaeda may still be regrouping. The people elected Obama over McCain because Obama promised change and fooled people into thinking that McCain would be more of the same. Obama hasn't done a single thing for the good of America and the people of Delaware proved that the people are paying attention. They didn't want a business-as-usual Republican in Washington. I'll bet Christine O'Donnell will be more than happy to show everybody what REAL change looks like.

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By Digidave on October 03, 2010 at 04:52 pm

I think it is important to be able to criticize one's own party as well as the opposing party. The rally to restore sanity is taking effect.

"I disagree wtih you - but I'm pretty sure you are not Hitler."

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By master of none on November 01, 2010 at 02:48 pm

I agree and disagree but overall I hear what you are saying.

This is statement hit the nail on the head:

"The people are tired. We're SICK and tired of all the crap that comes out of Washington. And it's the same crap no matter who's in office. We get donkey crap from the Democrats and we get elephant crap from the Republicans."

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By master of none on November 02, 2010 at 11:44 am

HD, It's really simple. The Democrats are spending bookoos of money. Majority of Americans, both republicans and democrats do not approve of the big spending. It makes them nervous. Some of them are down right hateful. With that being said, Obama has only been in office for almost 2 years now--it is ridiculous for anyone to expect him to jump in the hotseat and immediately fix all the financial issues. There has been a decrease in the unemployment rate which is really awesome and hopefully things will continue to improve. Only time will tell. Americans want change NOW and big change and since it hasn't happened as they thought it would, they are growing impatient and opting for the other party who is now promising them big swift changes. I think anyone with half a brain knows that they are just campaigning empty promises to get into office and do not honestly care about the rest of us. What they don't realize is that once they drop the ball, Americans will either follow the trend and give the democrats another chance or maybe they will wise up and go a completely different route. I have been doing research on third party candidates and it breaks my heart. I have discovered that only the two major parties are allowed to debate on stage when running for office, also there was a supreme court ruling that cooperations can fund campaigns which really overwhelms me. I have been writing lots on my blog about these issues, maybe I will get up the nerve to publish some of it on Broo.

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