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by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, September 17, 2010

Credit: Kim Vinson
Keke Dog investigating the grounds

A tribute to a family member for over 15 years missed yet remembered daily.

She glides through the air to catch a tennis ball

As if she were a Sports Star

Always enjoyed ripping a Costco box to shreds

Any chance to race through the house

She'd jump in your bed

Displaying a sheepish yet daring look in a flash

Everything's Everything

Her spotted face would convey

Come on already...let's play

She hated New Year Eve Night

Parties, Noise, Illegal Shots in the air

Did not fare with "Keke Dog"

Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Show

She'd stare at the T.V. for the countdown and mo'

Fireworks on 4th of July made it her least favorite holiday

Lounging in a beach chair on the patio

Or in the grass of the backyard

That was her thing and way

Of celebrating and chilling out

Oh yeah, come and throw the tennis ball to her

Now that’s giving out a Shout!

Don’t leave your meal in arms reach…

She grabs it; take off with a grand hooray!

Listening to my flute playing

Keke Dog often joined in

With an enthusiastic "woo, woo, woo bark

Exercising her chops

Whether the music was Classical or Bop

Keke was Tops!

She passed every test

Protecting us, loving us, giving joy

From the day she arrived

Keanna, "KeKe Dog" was the Best

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