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The Book: Two Chapters Complete and a Dedication In Hand

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Writing About The Storms of Life

"I think feeling loved has been on my own ‘to do’ list for most of my life."

It’s probably fair to say that most everyone wants to feel loved. I think "feeling loved" has been on my own ‘to do’ list for most of my life. And sure enough, I got there and can’t describe how much I love my two sons.

Writing this book about so many extraordinary events that have taken place in my life, both good and horrific continues to be a struggle with every word that I add. I am already beginning to learn how challenging this is going to be to offer such blunt truths for you and anyone else to read about how many times I feel someone stole my voice.

You need to understand that writing a book just to shock people is not at all my intent and/or purpose. I also have no interest in pointing fingers at certain people who, in some instances I think should have spent time in jail because of what they did. But I can say writing this book is something that I must do. And thanks to an amazingly talented writer and editor, two chapters are complete.

For those who have been blessed with loving parents and a decent life, you may find much of what you read disturbing and maybe even impossible to comprehend. For now, let me share with you who I dedicate this book to specifically.

To children who feel like they have no voice or dare not speak out for fear of abandonment, I am here to speak for us all. God is a just God. And judgment day is coming soon and swift for anyone who harms you physically, emotionally or mentally. Hold on. You are not to blame for the horrific actions others have done or do to you that hurt your body or mind in any way. And you are not alone. You are never alone! You too will find your way out of the darkness because you are worth it and you are loved.

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