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For The Love Of The Dance

by Theresa H Hall (writer), East Coast USA, September 13, 2010

Credit: Michael McLane
Ballerinas Shoes
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The ballet has long held audiences enthralled, leaving them with a feeling of enchantment.

Light-pink satin toe shoes dangled from their ribbons, tied together and hung over the back of the wooden chair. Their owner sat on the floor mat massaging her feet. Her big toes showed traces of blood. Today she had ceased exercises as soon as she felt her toes beginning to burn. Overdoing it wouldn't be helpful in the least. The performance was only ten days away. She needed to be in strong physical shape in order to dance the steps, make the jumps and stand on her toes throughout most of the presentation.

She was going to soak her feet in cold water laden with Epsom salts. The minerals always soothed her muscles and were a comfort to her tired dancer's feet. She pulled the wide band from her forehead and her long black hair tumbled down to her waist. The silken sheen was a delight because it lent her the moral support females need to be self-assured and confident. She shook her hair and quickly pulled it back into a pony-tail. Getting up in one swift move, she walked to the bathtub in the corner of the rehearsal studio. The faucets were reversed so that when she turned the hot water on, cold water ran out. Her leggings were a deep periwinkle blue today and she pulled the bottoms up so they would remain dry. She sat down on the rim of the claw-footed tub and swung her feet in. They made a splashing sound as they went into the water. Reaching over she picked up the deep blue box and poured about 1 1/2 cups in to dissolve round her aching feet. Ah, she would stay just like this until her feet felt revived.

Twenty minutes later, cooled down, dried off and dressed in street clothing, the dancer left the studio to dance in her head until she would return the next day. All she ever wanted to do was dance.

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By Theresa H Hall on September 15, 2010 at 05:29 pm

Cher and Melody,

Thanks. Doing whatever it takes to be successful in the arts, as with anything, takes real gumption and determination. Holding a vision of oneself accomplishing their very heart's desire is reward with memories attached.

As for that "Little Mermaid", I would fore-go my prince as I wouldn't be able to handle the sharp knives walking. She'd do better convincing the prince to grow a big fin and swim away with her.

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By Barkha Dhar on September 25, 2010 at 06:21 pm

The beautiful ballet but those poor feet! This piece is like a scene before my eyes. The ballet dancers, their beautiful dresses, their flexible bodies and their terrible toes! These dancers are simply awesome and so skillful that they leave their audiences in awe! Glad I watched the video and read your lovely piece.

Barkha Dhar

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By dy_eve on October 06, 2010 at 09:35 pm

I remember I was about 6 years old and one day my mother saw me and got scared. I sat in split in the middle of the living room...smiles. Yes, I did 6 years of ballet and I know how painful is to dance the steps in ballerinas shoes.

I admire this wonderful dance and thouse that can dance on the top of the fingers...

Great article for a beautiful woman from a wonderful one!

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