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Banua Layuk, Mamasa Traditional House

by stwbod (writer), Palu, Central Sulawesi, September 10, 2010

Credit: Antara
Mamasa Traditional House

Banua Layuk is laden with symbolic meaning as a reflection of cultural values embraced by Mamasa community. These symbols are found on structures, carvings, and other elements of Banua Layuk.

Mamasa people who live in Sulawesi, Indonesia, keep their own traditional house as one of cultural assets with the local wisdom of our ancestors. Its existence in various forms of tribal life of the nation's symbol that distinguishes one tribe from others. And one of the symbols of life that is inseparable from the existence of a tribe is traditional house. A house is a shelter and family activity centers as well as a symbol of authority.

Mamasa indigenous people, live in a “banua layuk”, a house of attraction and can be used as well as resources that we can be proud. Banua Layuk derived from the word "Banua" means a house; word "Layuk" means high, then the "Banua Layuk" means "House of Higher", which is very large and tall, usually the owner of the house is a leader in the community or the nobility.

Structurally, Banua Layuk composed of three parts, namely the roof, body, and underneath (house on stilts). The functional form of houses on stilts can be used to avoid disturbing a wild animal, the floor can handle the heat at night, making it suitable for cold regions, and under practical function.

Basically the custom house Mamasa almost similar to the Toraja traditional house, the only difference is Mamasa’s heavy wooden roof has a shape that is not too curved. Toraja traditional house has a wooden roof with a shape like the letter 'U'. And besides, people do not have too much Mamasa traditional ceremonies as in Toraja. How rich cultural diversity of our nation have and it all is the heritage of our ancestors that we should be able to develop, and keep it alive.

Are these symbol of Mamasa people's lives will still survive? All lies in our hands as the next generation.(Antara)

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