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Red Menace Rising

by Paul Wylie (writer), , September 09, 2010

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Coming Soon To A River Near You.

As we worry about made up terror threats, the Chinese are arming themselves to the teeth.

In the space of only one year, the U.S. debt being bought and held by Communist China rose by a full 25%. China, not only the world's second largest buyer of U.S. debt, is also the world's leading purchaser of military hardware behind the U.S. itself. Outspending even the Russians and the entire Middle East combined, the U.S. government seems to be turning a completely blind eye towards what can only be described as the largest conventional and nuclear military buildup in modern history.

As with any emerging global power able to project it's will through military might, China has already begun to swing it's hammer around in the Asian Arena. In December of 2007, the Communist Chinese government declared that it's newly formed Sansha City offices would now hold jurisdiction over the Spratley Islands, the Paracel Islands, as well as be the Macclesfield Bank. Disputed immediately by the governments of Brunei, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Malaysia, the Chinese merely ignored them and went about the business of assimilating the areas into part of their own country. Even when thousands of protesters showed up in front of their embassies in each of the countries disputing the claim, there was no reply from the Chinese as to the complaints, save for a declaration that they now owned the waterways in between them all also.

A simple test case for what is being seen as a platform for an even bigger plan of expansion, the Chinese waited for the U.S. reaction. None came. Not a peep. Emboldened by the non reaction, the Chinese have now set their greedy little eyes on Taiwan itself. Chinese President Hu's speech to China's 17th Party Congress in March, 2008 decreed a policy of unification between China and Taiwan, come what may. With the U.S. unable to offer more than a token resistance to any invasion of Taiwan, Hu offered terms to the government of Taiwan that you were not privy to in the U.S. media. They were told unification would happen, period. What the Taiwanese had to reconcile was whether it would be by force, or there would be a Hong Kong type of deal worked out. Negotiations are ongoing.

China's footprint is being felt in Africa also. We all know of their involvement with the criminal regime of al-Bashir in Sudan. We also know that they refuse to force an end to the genocide in Darfur because they import 7% of their oil from al-Bashir, and also because human life means nothing to the monsters in Beijing.

We here in the U.S. know of Chinese submarines surfacing behind U.S. aircraft carriers, and the shoot down test of one of their satellites. But here's some more numbers they don't want you to know about due to our corporations friendly relations with the slave labor Chinese. Such as the fact that right now, the Chinese PLA's Second Artillery Corps has enough long range intercontinental ballistic missiles tipped with nuclear warheads, and called Df-31's and DF-31A, aimed right at you and your children that they could wipe the U.S. off of the map. That's why we can not get rid of our own stockpile. Even more cause for alarm is that in 2009, China deployed it's new JL-2 ballistic missiles on their JIN Class Type 94 nuclear subs. Stealthy and almost undetectable, this new class of submarine, in the words of Lieutenant General Fang Fenghui, "will sneak right up the Mississippi River undetected." Not could, but will.

All of this would seem to be a wake up call to someone somewhere within our corporate controlled government, especially when countries such as India have been loudly clanging the alarm bells at us, but wait, there's a few more things they 'forgot' to mention. Such as the Chinese government's "daily" incursions into the defense networks of the U.S., the Germans, and the French, not to mention the state sponsored heists of billions of dollars from financial institutions the world over from cyber space. Combine these acts of what can only be called terrorism with the stepped up espionage being done by Chinese nationals and what we are facing is a menace far above any threat we ever faced from the old Soviet Union. Now called simply Russia, they and the Chinese now hold joint war games, and trade intelligence about us.

The trade imbalance alone would argue that we need to stop catering to this out of control regime, but with so many make believe American corporations having their hands deep in the Chinese fortune cookie jar, with absolutely no concern for the welfare of the people from their make believe country of origin, nothing will change any time soon. That is unless we here recognize what is going on and understand that we are in peril, but not from some made up extremist boogeyman threat. But a threat from a nation intent of spreading Communism, or their brand of it, to the rest of the world, by force if necessary. a country that will allow people to be killed in any numbers so long as they obtain the resources they need, and who do business with rouge nations in order to capitalize on their misery.

Of course, we need to look in the mirror ourselves. But we may not get that chance if the Chinese have their way. They are literally laughing at the destruction of our way of life, because their greatest accomplishment, and one they seek to implement eventually according to PLA leaders, is the domination of the United States by whatever means they deem necessary. And as a people who will start a plan in motion today, knowing that it will not bear fruition for a hundred years and being fine with that idea, we had better realize that the Chinese have been plotting our downfall since the Mao revolution, and that was almost sixty years ago. The only way out of this mess is to stop letting China buy our Treasury Bonds at such a fast clip, because if we allow them to be able to yank our economy to the ground, we will lie defenseless before them. But then again, maybe that's the eventual corporate plan also. Think back to Bill Gates' statement when he returned from a tour of Chinese businesses. He said that we could take a lesson from the way the Chinese conduct their companies, ie; workers have no rights, work 14 hour shifts for no extra pay, no pensions plans, etc. Corporate America is keen on this ideals.

Something to think about as you wander the aisles of Wal-Mart, buying all of those Made in China products. Isn't it time to slow the Red Menace by demanding a return of manufacturing jobs to the United States? Should we not declare that companies who outsource our jobs to China are no longer considered American corporations, but Chinese, and apply heavy tariffs on the products they then import here? And can we not stop being the world's biggest hypocrites, as we give our nation and our sovereignty over to China, can we not end the Communist Cuba embargo? At least the cigars they make don't have poison in them.

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