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by rickotine (writer), Queens, New York, February 19, 2007

Last Wednesday hundreds of passengers were stranded at John F. Kennedy International Airport here in Queens. While most were stranded inside the terminals, some passengers were aboard planes that were stuck on the tarmac. Contrary to what many may believe, Jetblue was not the only airline that had planes trapped on the tarmac due to ice. American Airlines also had planes on the tarmac with passengers aboard but had the passengers returned to the terminals after three hours. Retrieving their luggage was another story. Police had to be called in to restore calm after boisterous passengers demanded their luggage when they saw an empty carousel. But Jetblue took the cake - an eleven hour ordeal that reverberated througout the country. In true Jetblue style they offered complimentary return trip tickets.

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By DarleneRH on February 19, 2007 at 08:14 pm
Hey, they also publicly made a statement that they were at fault and made a mistake. I dig, at the very least, that they didn't make excuses or attempt to ignore it and say nothing.
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By Credo on December 13, 2013 at 08:57 pm

The Airline Industry.....MMM

Been there, done that..


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