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Canada To Make Cannabis Cars

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Cannabis Plant to be used in electric car manufacturing in Canada

An new protype for an electric car that uses cannabis has been released in Canada. This new energy efficient, low cost car could be the wave of future motoring.

There was an article featured in the Times this week that really caught my attention. It is all about new cars and cannabis. Now you might be wondering what illegal drugs has to do with car manufacturing so let me explain. It seems that an advanced form of car manufacturing is being proposed and it is going to use cannabis. This all comes from a group of companies that are based in Alberta. They are planning on designing a new electric car called the Kestrel that will have its body made out of hemp mats.

The car itself is going to be designed to carry up to three passengers and it will reach a top speed of approximately 90 kilometers.

It sounds totally bizarre doesn’t it? A car that is made using cannabis. What is really interesting about this story is the fact that competitors in America won’t be able to cash in on this innovative idea because it is illegal to import hemp in the United States so Canada really does have the upper hand on this one.

The new Kestrel car is going to be really lightweight and this will in turn reduce the amount of electricity required to power it. It is also going to be cheaper and a lot better for your health than the fiberglass alternatives. The only thing aspect that seems to be getting some complaints is the speed that this new electric car will travel.

This story has really intrigued me. We are in a society where energy efficiency is becoming more important and yet because of strict laws in certain countries this highly efficient electric car won’t pass the green light. Should the laws be changed? Should the importation of hemp for use in creating energy efficient vehicles be changed?

The new Kestrel is going to be extremely functional, eco-friendly and very affordable too. It also looks pretty amazing. The only problem being that half the world especially the United States won’t be able to jump on board and start manufacturing a similar car because they don’t like the plant that part of the car is being made from.

The hemp laws in the U.S. need to be revised and looked at again. After all, isn’t energy efficiency, low cost and eco-friendly more important? The climate is a concern to all and if using the hemp plant can help to minimize the damage that cars are doing to the environment, shouldn’t we be rallying together to force a change in the laws?

Why not have your say in the comments below. Would you use an electric car that was constructed using cannabis?

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3 comments on Canada To Make Cannabis Cars

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By Amanda J Evans on September 02, 2010 at 04:01 am

Thanks for your comments. My sources were obviously wrong and I apologise for this. This is what the Times reported: "Unfortunately for American competitors, importing processed hemp is a crime in the United States,
Read more:

I should probably have been more specific in my article and specified processed hemp.

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By Amanda J Evans on September 02, 2010 at 06:24 am

Thanks Dean,

Will check and see if the article can be edited, would hate to think of someone else using the source as wrong. This is the other source and again they make the claim "Americans shouldn't get too excited about driving their own cannabis coupe soon. Strict hemp laws in the U.S. mean we will be unable to develop similar contraptions here".

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By Amanda J Evans on September 03, 2010 at 04:05 am


Thank you so much for clarifying all this information. It really was very helpful.

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