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Labeling America

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Right vs. Left, with no room for American voters to make up their own minds.

How politicians with an agenda try to divide and conquer.

Rising from the ashes of the tumultuous 1960's, the neo-conservative movement was born out of the backlash against the free wheeling counter culture era. Banding together out of a common hatred of Lyndon Johnson's social policies, they set out to take over the Republican Party in order to return the United States toward the path they believed she was destined for, imperial rule over the world.

Almost overnight in the 1970's, many disaffected Democrats had switched parties to join the 'Reagan Revolution', thinking they were doing the right thing in steering the course of Americans back to the foreign policy arena. Called 'neo' conservatives, or 'new' conservatives, they jumped into the political fray with a zeal not seen in many years in Washington, promising change and stability in an America dealing with gas lines, the rise of a new sexually transmitted disease that killed it's victims, and what was seen as the humiliation of the U.S. during the Iranian hostage crisis.

Reagan's 'revolution' however, began a deep cultural and philosophical divide that is still ongoing today. Another President who got away with all manner of shenanigans, Reagan, the neo-con grandfather, began the gutting of American social programs starting almost immediately after taking the oath of office. Using the term 'liberal' as a political tool, his Administration was responsible for the epithet like tags tossed around that painted 'liberals' as weak, or wishing harm to our country.

But if we examine the differences between true liberals and true neo-conservatives, we see a dark underbelly to the entire label game that has been foisted on us by people with no regard whatsoever for their fellow citizens and who believe it to be the right of rich Americans to further corporate global ambitions on the backs of ordinary tax paying Americans.

As stated before, the idea of neo-conservatism was to steer America to what was believed to be her rightful place as THE world power. A power to be obeyed, a power that used it's foreign aid as a weapon of coercion, a power that would strike out at any who dared to stand up to her. And strike out we did. At drug dealing dictators who we propped up in the first place. At revolutionary movements the world over who sought freedom for their people because it could be detrimental to the corporate bottom line, and then, the blunder of blunders we all try to forget, we funded al-Queda and Osama Bin Laden against the Soviets in Afghanistan, and look who's having to fight there now.

What was propagandized to Americans as a bold new direction, turned out to be nothing more than a criminal enterprise that continues on today. Scandal after scandal, the country quickly grew weary of this new brand name, and so enter Bill Clinton, still fondly remembered by many leftists as a president who did right by the country. But Clinton was no liberal. He was but another neo-con in masquerade. It was under his Administration that the entire NAFTA (Shaft us) debacle took place, and it was under Clinton that the complete destruction of social programs began. He balanced the budget alright, but he did it on the backs of working men and women. Included in this entire nefarious plot was the plan to dumb down Americans, placate them with toys and therefore distract them from the crimes of elected officials.

So if even those who claim to be liberals aren't, then what are we left with? So far, we have the neo-conservatives who have fashioned themselves into some sort of criminal fascist enterprise. And we have the Clinton type of 'liberal'. Liberals who also could care less about their fellow citizens, as long as they and their corporate friends get theirs. Today's Democrats refused to impeach a criminal regime out of a fear that it might somehow hurt their election chances, and as Ms. Pelosi says, "That's the more important issue." Winning elections is more important than correcting injustice. How very liberal. No. Conservative. Hmmm, which can it be?

But true liberals believe in freedom. They believe that as society progresses, so should society's social safety net programs to make sure that none are left behind. Liberals don't believe in giving away the store to the military/industrial complex, but do believe in a strong defense and the use of force as a last resort. No established religion. Housing and medical care for all. The non-discrimination against anyone for any reason. Taking care of the environment so our children may live in a clean world. What is so hard to figure out about being liberal? True conservatives believe in the exact same ideals, they just don't want liberals giving away the store as they better everyone's lives. Conservatives want the same exact things, have the same ideals, and if that's true, this entire political system has been hijacked by liars and criminals.

Because no matter where you travel in this country, the consensus is nearly unanimous amongst the regular working man and woman. They want a better life for all. Everyone wishes everyone to have health care, and food, and a place to live. But therein lies the paradox of the great divide that has been thrust upon us. How to convince someone that neither political party in this country represents any of these values? That they will speak platitudes to us about wishing these things to come to pass, but the lies and the promises made by either side are nothing more than hollow words, and none of this will ever come into being.

The very heart of America is good and kind, and full of love and compassion. It is inside all of us to one extent or another. But yet, we squabble and quibble over semantics while the politicians sit back and plot on ways to further divide and conquer. How to get your vote. No lie is too big nor is any deception too small. Professional liars who use personal make up artists, tailors, consulting firms, pollsters, electrolysis, and a never wavering smile to convince you that they hold your values. Our values. When the truth is the furthest thing from their minds.

The upcoming elections make a difference only because we will have a choice as to how quickly we wish the destruction of our country to continue. Elect one, and we'll have never ending war, more abject poverty, more of the disappearance of the middle class. Elect the other, and we'll slow it somewhat, but nothing will change. The corporate lobbyists that pretend to be Senators and House Representatives will never allow it. And so, after eight years of a Democratic Presidency, the People will be angry again, demanding change, and Mitt Romney will step up and say, "I'm the NEW face of the Republican Party!" The cycle continues and the wheel will turn, and our standard of living will further erode.

Because if we ever wish to hope to grasp this snake and throttle it, we are going to first understand that when it comes to the working Joes and Janes, the everyday American, there are no Republicans and there are no Democrats. There are no conservatives, nor any liberal. You have been suckered into painting yourself into a corner and that's what I've been trying to point out here. How people can be hoodwinked into believing and voting for things they know in their heart of hearts is a lie. All because snake oil sales people who wish to further an agenda that has nothing to do with you, save to get more of your hard earned money, sucker you time and time again with labels. Liberals are spineless. Conservatives are monsters.

When the real truth is that on both sides, liberal and conservative, there are sociopaths who will do and say anything to gain power, including marginalizing any third party candidate. Candidates that don't make the news. What is needed is a coalition type of representative government. One that reflects the views of all Americans, and not this insane system we have been fostering and succoring forever. One Party with two branches. Good cop, bad cop and we are all guilty.

Want to drive the politicos and the corporations absolutely bonkers? Quit your Party affiliation. All of us. Go Independent and don't vote for a straight Republican or Democratic ticket. Do a little research on each candidate. The Google works very well. Then vote for someone for each office based on their record, not on what they say in public.

Imagine the fear such a protest vote would strike into the hearts of those who seek to control our every move, and who treat the Constitution as though it were toilet paper. Let us all toss off the chains of this bondage they have placed us in by rejecting out of hand their attempts to smear either liberal or conservative. Because the truth is that Americans have a little of both in them, and our patience is wearing thin.

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4 comments on Labeling America

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By Theresa H Hall on August 27, 2010 at 04:01 pm

We 99% of us could agree to no longer allow the top 1% richest people to vote. Do you think this could help? I am not saying take away their rights, just their right to vote the rest of us into inconsequential financial oblivion. What do you think?

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By Theresa H Hall on August 27, 2010 at 04:01 pm

We 99% of us could agree to no longer allow the top 1% richest people to vote. Do you think this could help? I am not saying take away their rights, just their right to vote the rest of us into inconsequential financial oblivion. What do you think?

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By Paul Wylie on August 27, 2010 at 06:28 pm

Hi Theresa. Oh wouldn't that be the tempting little morsel? But no, as Americans, everyone has the right to vote, be they rich or poor, black, white, yellow, blue, brown or green.

Whatever their Party affiliation, whatever views they hold, all must be allowed to voice concerns and opinions.

The problem as I see it, is that we have allowed the politicos to paint us all into differing boxing corners. And as we all sit and duke it out, they sit back and congratulate each other on a job well done.

Because a divided people are easier to placate with platitudes from either side of the aisle, when we should all shed our diferences for the common good and restoration of all of our Constitutional rights. The system works for all of us, or it works for the rich and the rich only, which is where we find ourselves today.

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By Dane Morgan on August 31, 2010 at 03:48 am

The US right/left republican/democrat paradigm is largely a show to placate the public and distract them from the strings connecting them to the puppet masters.

The real show is all behind the curtain. You have to look beyond the pretty stage settings, the dramatic lighting and the sexy co-star on the stage to the dusty casting office with the back ally entrance to discover the real power brokers.

BTW. Congratulations on seeing the rep/dem lib/con construct for the sham that it is. This had to be constructed though because if we all suddenly realized that people is people, we might stop arguing and bickering about things that just aren't going to change and start seeing our common ground on things that must change.

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