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Will the Pope Apologize for Rizal?

by Wanda Tuinphro (writer), , August 26, 2010

Credit: Philipppine National Archives
Jose Rizal

The Pope has yet to apologize for the public execution of Jose Rizal - the greatest Filipino who was the #1 enemy of the Catholic Church in the Philippines

The Catholic church has never had a vested interest in prosperity as a way to pave the way for the spread of common Filipino decency. The Catholic church in the Philippines has always insured for the Filipino only misery, poverty, and indeed religious stupidity as the best way to maintain political and social insanity.

Is the Catholic Church evil? Yes. It is the most evil institution ever devised by man. The Pope's apology for the vast amount of "sins committed by the church" in 2000 is not enough. It is ridiculous. The Pope has yet to apologize and to return the WEALTH stolen away from the Philippines - the poorest country in Asia today as the only Catholic country in Asia since the 16th century. Moreover, the Pope has yet to apologize for the public execution of Jose Rizal - the greatest Filipino who was the greatest enemy of the Catholic Church in the Philippines.

The Catholic Church is the greatest beneficiary of Spain colonization of the Philippines. It has gained unimaginable wealth and power, amidst poverty, overpopulation, suffering and misery of the Filipino people. It has introduced the concept of hell and purgatory to terrorize and thereby obtain obedience from the people. Confession, to control the community, a classic example was the discovery of the Katipunan, which was leaked out through the confessional. It has spread alleged miracles to fool the people. It exploited the people as proved by the possession of the best lands in many parts of the country; the biggest tract of lands in central Luzon belongs to the Dominicans. The most expensive schools and hospitals belong to this church, and the biggest depositor in the Bank of the Philippine Island is the Archbishop of Manila. And this church, the wealthiest church in the world, has not been paying taxes to a country which is considered one of the poorest countries in the world,-- which is the Philippines. For centuries, this Catholic Church has made us to believe that our effort was not good enough, that we should seek "God's help” putting emphasis on the supernatural, that has not been proven to be true, rather than to our natural ability as a people. Even after more than a century after the catholic religion was declared not the official religion of the country and the introduction of separation of Church and State in the Philippine, the Filipino people still suffer from religious fanaticism.

More than 360 years ago the Catholic Church, condemned Galileo as heretic, for teaching that the Earth moved around the Sun, this is one of the Catholic Inquisition's infamous wrongs. It was only in 1992 that the Catholic Church acknowledged this error, which is a rar ity in an institution built over centuries on the belief that the Catholic Church is infallible, --the final arbiter of matters of faith and morals. Isn't it also about time that the Catholic Church also admits they have been wrong about population growth, contraception, and stem cell research?

The head of the Catholic Church at the time of the Nazi rise to power was Pope Pius XI, his successor; Pius XII was a Germanophile who maintained his neutrality throughout the course of World War II. Although as early as 1942 the Vatican received detail information on the murder of Jews in the concentration camps. In Germany, the Catholic Church did not oppose the Nazi' anti-Semitic campaign, church records were supplied to the state authorities which assisted in the detection of people of Jewish origin. What is ironic is that there is now a move in Vatican to beatified Pope Pius XII as a Saint. This is Catholic Church hypocrisy at its height.

See for example George Marlin's history of the conservative party in New York or Paul Johnson's Modern Times, extolling the rise of Carolignianism of Adenauer, de Gaulle, and Gaspieri, forgetting that Hitler, too, was Carolignian and a Catholic altar boy. They could not countenance a Mormon President or a Kenyan Pope! They broke their own coalition with their foreign adventures and with their unwillingness to extend home and school subsidies to other races, as evidenced by their missing their own Obama moment when they could have elected a Kenyan pope. Obama was Brzezinski's revenge, to break up the USA, as feared Kenyan pope would break up Vatican

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2 comments on Will the Pope Apologize for Rizal?

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By Jack Bates on August 28, 2010 at 04:05 am

Great pointed opinion piece. The Catholic Chruch was set back over 300 years when Pope Benedict XVI was made head of the church.

As the world becomes educated the church will fade away. Their stolen wealth will keep them alive in a zombie-like state for generations to come. The Catholic church's influence and power is all but gone from develped nations.

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By Wanda Tuinphro on August 31, 2010 at 07:53 am

For those of you who do not know by now, this article is a hoax.

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