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Just How Cool is the HTC Evo? Very.

by badmojoe78 (writer), San Antonio, Texas, August 24, 2010

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Ain't it purty?

HTC Evo review, and some inevitable comparisons to the iPhone. Find out today if the Evo is for you!

I got the call last Friday from Best Buy. My Best Buy exclusive white HTC Evo was in and ready to be picked up. Finally! It only took about two weeks or so. Like a stoner who just got a call from his hookup after a two month dryspell, I headed over to the coporate-controlled techonolgy-monopoly center with all haste. After procurring my newest piece of technological wonder, I headed home and sepnt the next few hours trying to figure out what it was exactly that I had purchased. Four days later, and I'm in love with something that fits in the palm of my hand. Well, sort of. It's a bit bigger than the palm of my hand.

Yes, it's true. I have finally joined a good majority of the twenty-first century and plunged feet first into a smart phone. Gasp? How can this be possible, you ask? Surely you would've gotten one sooner. No I did not. And don't call me Shirley. My last phone was a first-gen LG Rumor. Pretty cool for its time with a slick keyboard and all. But compared with the least of the new smart phones, a veritable dinosaur. And the Evo is anything but the least of smart phones. Let's take a look.

If you've ever used an android phone, you'd be right at home with the Evo. Five screens to flip through and set up various apps and widgets, haptic vibration when you push certain keys, and a touchscreen worth of the iPhone itself. But I didn't buy the base model here. I bought the sport model, baby. 4G capable, WIFI ready, GPS navigation, and a 720p screen. But the coolest thing of all, is the ability to turn the phone into a wireless hotspot. How cool is that? Of course, all this extra horsepower comes with pretty shitty gas mileage. Anyone who owns an Evo will tell you how fast the battery drains, especially when using 4G or the wireless hotspot. Nifty one-touch icons give you the ability to turn all the features on and off without the hassle of navigating the settings menu.

Right now you're probably thinking, "this guy's never had a smart phone before, so what does he know about smart phones?" And you'd be right. I know jackshit about smart phones and I freely admit that I am completely blinded by what any everyday smart phone user would consider par. But the ability to check my email with the touch of a button, on my phone no less, is totally freaking cool. Period. Sure I could check my email on my old phone, so this is really not anything new. Following that thought process, most of our technology is really nothing new. Everything is just an improvement on something old, so then why should I get excited about anything that is not a flying car (which is really just an improvement on the car, and transportation in general)? Well, with the Evo it's so much easier and faster. And like most everything in our fast-paced, "real-time" culture (translate as impatient, over-stimulated, and short attention spanned), easier and faster is so much better. Now I can check my email, listen to some tunes, catch up on the latest news, and find a good Chinese restaurant for lunch, all while driving my car. See, so much easier! Now I have even more time to dedicate to my corporate slave-masters and their soul-crushing business (that I suspect was solely created to belittle me in some way). Enough with the pessimistic social commentary!

Now to the obligatory comparison of the Evo and the iPhone. Are you ready? Here it is: it is irrelevant. Let me tell you how this works. If you have AT&T you get the iPhone, if you have Sprint you get the Evo. If you have some other phone company, well, you get whatever they have. The point I'm trying to make here is that both phones are good phones, and what one phone doesn't have, I can pretty much guarantee the other phone will have on the next generation of that phone. That's how capitalism works. Besides, the idea that someone would switch phone companies just for the phone is ludicrous. It's so very relative which phone is better. It's like saying a burger from one fast-food place is better than a burger from another. It's all the same, whether you get the bacon or not. It's also like saying one presidential candidate is better than the other, regardless of whether they are in the same political party or not.

Is the Evo cool? Well, I think it is. Is it cooler than you're average smart phone? Most definitely. Can you watch a movie in HD on your phone? Is it cooler than the iPhone? Perhaps. Some would spout that the 8 mega pixel camera alone makes it worth it, not to mention the wireless hotspot feature. But like I said, if the iPhone doesn't have it, rest assured, it will. Until then, well, I guess you could always switch phone companies.

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By TonyBerkman on August 25, 2010 at 01:59 am

I may have to, though then I wouldn't be part of the Apple "venus fly trap" of having everything in my digital life connected.

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