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N.Y. Tea Party Candidate Launches Attack On The Poor

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Candidate for Governor who wants to lock up the poor.

Republican candidate for Govenor unveils plan to house welfare recipients in prison.

Mind boggling as candidates for office around the country have been so far during this election cycle, from Nevada's Sharron Angle to Kentucky's Rand Paul, none has gone as far as the Republican candidate for the Governorship of New York, Carl Paldino. Asked what his plans were to reduce New York's budget woes, Paldino stated that he would cut city services by twenty per cent, cut income taxes by ten per cent, and house recipients of government aid in underused prisons. Included in his lock up the poor plan are those who receive TANF benefits, Food Stamps, Medicaid, and S.S.I.

After rounding up the poor of the state in his 'voluntary' housing program, he would put them to work in state parks, press them into military service, and in other cases, force them to work on public works projects in order to keep receiving housing and food. Prison guards would be retrained as 'counselors' to oversee the prison/housing compounds according to this nutbag who also defended his position by stating that most of the poor would gladly participate because it would give them a chance to "get the hell out of the cities."

Saying that the poor had "bad personal hygiene problems", and that the prison facilities would teach them the proper way to brush their teeth, Paladino went on to extol the lavish living conditions that would be afforded the poor in his compounds. You know, things like toilets and sinks and showers, as well as basketball courts.

Paladino, an ultra rich real estate developer, had his hands full back in April when emails he sent surfaced that were full of racist comments and bestiality porn. After the press questioned him about the matter, Paladino shot back that he had no interest in watching women have sex with horses and that he was not a racist. The emails were all just a big misunderstanding.

Forget the absolutely abhorrent nature of what this man intends to do should he become Governor of New York. Forget that he wants to lock up people for committing no crime save being poor. Forget that this far right wingnut is a blight on decency and compassion that most Americans feel. But don't forget that what this man wants to do is so against the Constitution that it boggles the mind that the Republican Party hasn't forced him to drop out of the race yet.

This is the state of affairs that we, the electorate, find ourselves in today. We have the choice to vote for complete nutjobs on the far right, or we can vote for Democrats who at least pay lip service towards empathy for the people who are the most vulnerable segment of our society. (Even as they agree to lower their Food Stamp allotments, deny seniors their yearly cost of living increase for Social Security, etc.)

What the hell is wrong with these sociopaths? What ever happened to the notion that we, as Americans, were in this together? Where has the willingness to make sure that we all have enough food to eat, clothes to wear, and a place to live gone?

These types of attacks on the poorest of the poor happen virtually every election cycle. But this attack from a rich beyond your wildest dreams candidate for high office should scare the crap out of us all. Because despite what they say to your face, and despite them tossing around the Nazi epithet at moderates and left leaning people, these monsters are the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.

Before you go running off and signing up with this guy, remember what you'd be getting for your vote. A man who is advocating the imprisoned slavery of the poor. A man who wants to slash the budget of New York State by twenty per cent, which means less cops, less firefighters, less teachers, less everything. Cut the income tax by ten per cent during a recession?

When asked how he would pay to house all these people he'd round up, feed them, clothe them, etc., Paladino said he didn't have an answer just yet. Imagine that. Right minded people need to grab control of the Republican Party before they go the way of the Whigs, which would suit me just fine at this point in time. But then again, the Democrats are no box of chocolates either any more.

Make your feelings known about Mr. Paladino to the Republican Party before the crazies grab the reigns of power. The old saying of "first they came for" applies here, and if you can't see that, then you may be as lost as this Stalin of the East Coast.

Send the G.O.P. an email at or you can let Mr. Compassion himself know how you feel at Make your voices heard or the next set of people they come for may be you and your family.

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3 comments on N.Y. Tea Party Candidate Launches Attack On The Poor

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By Libdrone on August 22, 2010 at 07:23 am

This right wing nut job sounds truly frightening. A minor quibble- the Democrats dids not "fail" to pass a cost of living increase for Social Security recipients. Cost of living increaes are tied to the rate of inflation. There was no inflation in 2009, the cost of living did not go up so there was no COLA. Congress and the Democrats had nothing to do with it. Though they did vote to give each Social Security benificiary a one time $250 payment.

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By Robert Simms on August 22, 2010 at 07:32 am

I don't live in the State of New York - I've never heard of Carl Paldino before reading your post. If he proposes what you say (and I have no reason to think he doesn't) then your calling him "right wing" is completely off target. Putting the poor in prison is not a Right wing position and your political narrow mindedness is showing when you state that it is.

You write "it boggles the mind that the Republican Party hasn't forced him to drop out of the race yet". Most parties have their share of nuts. It would be difficult to force someone off the ballot....that's up to the voters.

"Cut the income tax by ten per cent during a recession?" Absolutely !!!

"Right minded people need to grab control of the Republican Party before they go the way of the Whigs, which would suit me just fine at this point in time." If it would suit you just fine if the Republican Party went the way of the Whigs, then why the warning?

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By Hannah Harper on August 23, 2010 at 11:44 am

Sarah Palin's Tea Party is getting crazier by the day.

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