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No Insects in The House!

by Arcticulates (writer), , August 14, 2010

Grasshoppers, Caterpillars, Bees, and Scraped Knees

Summer time is the best time for hunting! Hunting insects that is... according to the children 10 years old and under, who hang around my house all summer.

The thick freshly cut green grass is a tempting draw to the mighty bug hunters. They can't wait to finish breakfast so they can race outside and find all the hidden treasures living in the sweet smelling blades. It's worth the risk of scraped knees to crawl around and find the things that jump high and far, and others that are long and fuzzy and tickle your hand when you hold them. And who can resist the challenge of escaping a sting while dodging the wildly flying buzzing target, and the victory of capturing this object of great danger in a glass jar to be examine more closely.

Now... since I have 10 grandsons and three granddaughters, you would think that it would be the boys whom I have to convince to let the insects go before they come in from their great outdoor adventures for the night.

But no.. it's my 5 year old granddaughter who refuses to give up her captured friends, and in a midst of temper tantrums, tears, and very dramatic good byes.. she finally agrees to set them free before she comes in to clean up for dinner. "But ggggggrandmaaaaaa... I want to keep them forever, they are so cute grandma. I want to keep them ffffforeverrrr" is what I hear from a tear stained face looking up at me with a dramatic whimpering sound in her voice. I can see that she has practiced that look and it probably would have worked if I wasn't the one who has experienced firsthand the manipulative tears, pouts and whines used by her Daddy and Aunts. When they were her age I checked pockets and removed night crawlers (which are large 10 inch worms) before they could come in the house and I had this same conversation with them.

Am I worried that she may be damaged for life because I wouldn't allow her to bring all her captured little insect treasures in house? Nah! Because deep in my know-er I smile with memories and I know a secret, and that is that someday... years from now, she will be repeating my same words "No insects in the house" to another little girl with big blue eyes and a pout, who won't be willing to let go of her living treasures so that they can live another day, and my precious granddaughter will remember me telling her those same words, and be able to smile because she will know a secret too!

As I write this and they are getting ready for bed she is showing off her scraped knee and explaining to her 3 year old brother the quickest easiest way to catch a grasshopper, he is starring at her in awe and excitedly saying... "Me get graddhobber too!" Sigh! Here we go again!

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By Arcticulates on August 15, 2010 at 07:02 am

Thank-you for your wonderful comments..<br>

Believe me Askcherlock I understand about the invisible in sign. I have one too.. :-)<br>

Melody you will love being a grandmother, it is the most fun I have ever had! :-)

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