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Butter On Low; Roux On High

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An article about appropriate temperatures for sauteing butter and browning roux. Inermediate to Advanced Cooking lesson.

A recent article by Theresa H Hall bemoaned a skillet full of butter that burned black when she turned her back on it, just for a minute. I advised Theresa that sauteing vegetables or meat in butter should always be done at low heat. Stir every minute or two and watch for your desired doneness, but leave the heat on low. If you don't want to push your food around the pan for what may be a long time on low add an equal or near equal amount of olive oil and stir on medium. But be sure to keep the food moving in the pan. If you're making gumbo on the other hand, you'll want to use only oil (no butter) and heat your biggest soup pot on your biggest stove top burner over High heat for about five minutes. Add equal amounts of oil and flour and whisk vigorously. WHISK! It will smoke. Make sure the exhaust fan is on and KEEP WHISKING! Watch the roux. In about two minutes the smoke will clear and your roux will be a deep rich chocolate color. As soon as you see it is dark enough turn the heat back down to LOW and saute your shrimp. And you're on your way to an amazing pot of gumbo.

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By Libdrone on August 14, 2010 at 02:09 am

I am not much of a dessert maker, Melody. I'll get my partner to make us some cookies. Ron's a great baker ;)

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