Sunday, October 21, 2018

E-mails Development Generates New Problems

The e-mails explosive growth is causing new problems due to the lack of definitive guide standards and expectations.

What is true is that new inventions always create new difficulties and obviously new achievements. For this reason, it is possible that the explosive growth of e-mails has created new problems today. This is noted particularly because there has never been a classic guidebook to universal standards and expectations. In fact, if we consider today’s style of conducting business, it sounds that it is informal in the way that what we should aim for our business writing to a friend just as in a conversational style. Actually, we should use short words and simple expressions, short sentences and paragraphs which are clear and concise in their meanings but still well-mannered and conveying politeness. For this reason, the only place for pattern overused cliché like ‘please attached herein’ and ‘please be advised’ is the kind of reprocess litter bin.

If we consider the messages which are sent randomly, that is without much previous thought or planning, with important details missing, or with spelling or punctuation errors, it proves right to think that they do create and convey at the same time a very bad feeling. In the same way, the regular courtesies of a greeting and sign off should not be overlooked for the sake of the writing haste. At the end of the day, a moment taken to fill in the subject matter line will be acceptable and appreciated by a busy recipient; this because this receiver will be able to see what the e-mail is about before he can decide to open it.

Far above the ground, there may also appear on the list of annoyances the overuse of abbreviations and excessive punctuation. Yes, using abbreviations is fine to a close friend of yours since you are sure he will identify with them, but they should otherwise be limited to those that are already common to the English language, such as FYI meaning to your information, and BTW meaning by the way. Something else is punctuation, a row of exclamation or question marks after an important point may be acceptable for chatting with friend, but could look out of the place in other possible situations. This, in fact means that people should not overdo it.

Last of all, people should not forget that it is not a computer they are talking to but a real life human being and definitely some of these people seem obvious to the fact that writing in capitals is the equivalent of shouting, and should therefore be avoided unless one’s intention is simply to convey excitement.

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