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'Harry Potter' Star Goes Nude

by Matt Hilton (writer), Buckhannon, February 06, 2007


Daniel Radcliffe has joined the cast of Equus, a play which involves him being naked on stage and having a sex scene. Recently, some steamy promo pictures of the actor raced over the net. Parent's are outraged and are letting websites know. One parent sent this e-mail, "We as parents feel Daniel should not appear nude. Our 9-year-old son looks up to him as a role model. We are very disappointed and will avoid the future movies he makes." Daniel fires back saying, ""I'm fine about it. 'Equus' is an iconic play. The nude scene is part of it. I can't do it with my pants on. That would be rubbish."
Many parent's still disagree and are even saying they will no longer buy into his Harry Potter movies. His spokesperson, Vanessa Davies said, "Daniel does not want to step away from 'Harry Potter' but he does want to show he is a rounded actor capable of very different roles."
Daniel has said that he feels okay with his body and that many actors he admires, such as Gary Oldman have also gone nude.
Equus opens on Februray 27.

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By V on February 06, 2007 at 02:22 pm
He's not Peter Pan.
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