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When Merilene Comes Marching In

Credit: Photo by Marge Savage. Photo art by Auring
Merilene Murphy was an L.A. Poet & literary activist.

For Merilene Murphy, 03/03/1955 - 02/02/2007 RIP LA Poet & literary activist. Author of "Under Peace Rising", a collection of poems dedicated to peace.

The muse of Merilene
is left behind and seeks adoption.
Yet there is not one I can name
that is worthy of the option.

Requirements to collaborate
include the ability to state,
a truth in sing song radiance
with consciousness that lean against
a formula of Peace and Love
as planetary precedence.

The muse of Merilene
I have rallied to adopt
But I have super ego
and Merilene did not,

She walked her talk and
talked to rock
'n organize the word,
she spoke in tones of relevance
her elegance like Bird.

She was
spoken bebop
Laughter rag mop
Classical pop,

And I can hear her now
cause that Merilene,
no she don't stop.

The muse of Merilene is hungered
and cannot find the way.
Until the poet's reincarnation
it's damnation 'till another new age,

I pray my Breath of Life Reborn
When Merilene Returns
That I may live again
when times must change
where voice concerns,

Are organized by a righteous
mover and humble shaker,
for she'll again make a difference
before that reaper take her,

And the muse of Merilene
sits forlorn on a golden chaise
peeling grapes and unemployed,
for there's none that can replace

Sweet Merilene
The Cadence Queen
from New York ice
to L.A. summer,

Yeah! I wanna be in that number,

When Merilene Comes Marching In.

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By Yvonne de la Vega on July 29, 2010 at 01:31 am

Thank you Melody for the kind and encouraging words. Merilene does indeed live on... ?

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