Friday, September 21, 2018


by SZU (writer), Karachi (Pakistan), September 21, 2018

I was 15 when I wrote this poem. It was written and dedicated to an imaginary being that lived in my head.

Just bcuz I never said,

and just because you never expressed

thinking you dint need to..and thinking I feel the same way too,

In those laughs and in those smiles

In those weeps and in those cries

there was no single moment...there was no single time

When you weren't aware or I dint know...

same feelings we shared;

same emotions we showed...

you tried to hide and I always hid,

but ne'er did we succeed a single bit...

the clock would strike nine...the clock would tick three

...but each others company we'd enjoy in glee

we would talk about this and things everywhere..

but never would we say what we pined to hear,

we were weak for very long...

but our silence turned this love into something so strong,

the 'wants' that we had..are now great desires...

Let's together admit today...each other we admire...

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