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Ed's Sports Corner

Credit: Courtesy of SF Skate Club
The kids are the stars of Skate Dreams, a great film about how skateboarding has changed their lives.

This month I'm talking 'bout women's soccer, MLB and skateboarding. Get in the Sports Corner!

Women’s Soccer in Our Own Front Yard

Last year, I went to a fundraiser for the San Francisco Nighthawks of the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL). It was a poker event and most of the soccer players fleeced me. These women can play soccer at a high level and some of them are quite adept at Texas Hold ‘Em as well! Many of them played soccer at major colleges and now pursue their aspirations of playing at the professional level. The WPSL is an independent national amateur league with more than 50 teams. Soccer stars like Brandi Chastain and Sissi play for the California Storm, the Nighthawks’ number one rival. Right now, the Nighthawks have a very talented player named Erica Wheeler-Dubin, a Lowell High grad who is being carefully scouted by the European pro teams. Erica is one of the youngest players in the WPSL, but she’s the team’s captain and a team leader, Nighthawks General Manager Jill Lounsbury said. I went to a game recently and it was a fun evening. The skill level in this league is impressive and it’s a great way to see tomorrow’s stars in action. The Nighthawk’s season runs throughout the summer and to find out more about this team, visit their Web site at:

MLB’s Best & Brightest at the Halfway Point

It’s been an exciting first half of the baseball season, with a ton of surprises. Here are my picks for the best players and teams from the first half:


1B: Miguel Cabrera, Det.

2B: Robinson Cano, NYY

3B: Evan Longoria, TB

SS: Derek Jeter, NYY

C: Joe Mauer, Minn.

OF: Josh Hamilton, Tex.

OF: Carl Crawford, TB

OF: Alex Rios, Toronto

SP: David Price, TB

RP: Netali Feliz, Tex.

DH: Vlad Guerreo, Tex.

MVP: Robinson Cano, NYY

Biggest Surprise: Josh Hamilton, Tex.

Biggest Flop: Grady Sizemore, Cleve.

Biggest Surprise Team: Rangers

Biggest Flop Team: Mariners


1B: Albert Puljos, STL

2B: Martin Prado, Atlanta

3B: David Wright, NYM

SS: Hanley Ramirez, Fla.

C: Miguel Olivo, Fla.

OF: Corey Hart, Milw.

OF: Andre Ethier, LA

OF: Matt Holliday, STL

DH: Joey Votto, Cin.

SP: Ubaldo Jimenez, COL

RP: Heath Bell, SD

MVP: Ubaldo Jimenez, COL

Biggest Surprise: Corey Hart, Milw.

Biggest Flop: Carlos Lee, Houston

Biggest Surprise Team: Reds

Biggest Flop Team: Astros

Random Thoughts

I was listening to a guy from England chiming in my ears about how boring American baseball is. And then we watched yet another 0-0 World Cup soccer game. Yawn. Why can’t the Giants get a big bat and what are they waiting for? If the Brewers don’t want an arm and a leg for Corey Hart, pull the trigger! Larry Ellison would have brought the Warriors into a new golden age, but the team went to Joseph Lacob for $450 million. I hope Lacob will step up and at least try to put together a winning team. Chris Cohan was a terrible owner, so anyone else will be an improvement.

SF Skate Club: Helping Kids through Skateboarding

We recently saw the premiere of a great film, Skate Dreams, about children who have embraced skateboarding while learning many valuable life lessons in the process. The mission of the San Francisco Skate Club strives to provide a safe, positive, and fun environment for youth of diverse backgrounds to pursue their passion or desire to skateboard, form friendships with other youth, and learn from experienced skateboarders who are role models. “We believe in children’s creativity, their individuality, and their openness to learn new things,” SFSC Club Director Shawn Connolly said. “We nurture the ability to set goals and take risks in a safe environment. Above all else, we strive to ensure that everyone in our community feels accepted, respected, and appreciated.” San Francisco Skate Club was created when long-time sponsored skateboarder, Shawn Connolly and educator, Thuy Nguyen realized the need for a positive skateboarding program for youth. The two skateboard enthusiasts combined their skills, experiences, and ideas to create a program where budding skaters can pursue their love of skateboarding in a safe, guided, and supervised environment. As a part of the campaign in connection with At the Crossroads (ATC), the SF Skate Club embarked on a challenge to create its first full-length video featuring youth from its program, Connolly said. “All the proceeds raised from Skate Dreams went directly to ATC. So far, we have been able to raise over $2,300, and the kids were able to see their Skate Dreams come true on the big screen at the Roxie Theater in June.” The video was filmed and edited by SF Skate and featured six passionate and devoted, young skateboarders ranging from ages 7 to 13. I saw the film and it is amazing. “Each part was created to showcase how special and different each kid was and at the same time show that youth need a positive and creative outlet such as skateboarding, which is one of the few “sports” that teaches real patience and determination, allows for limitless growth, and nurtures individuality at the same time,” Connolly said. To find out more about the SFSC, visit their Web site at:

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