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Gulf Oil Spill Over – For Now at Least

The handling of this fiasco sits squarely on Obama’s shoulders – but he doesn’t want it there.

Imagine your house is on fire and the fire department doesn’t bother to show up for about three or four hours after the fire was reported. Then when the flames have gone away, they pack up and leave – never mind that there are still burning embers in that pile of ash where you used to live.

This is how HRH Obama has handled the gulf oil spill. He didn’t bother to even think about it for almost 40 days and then he decides to get involved when his own supporters begin to question his motives. During the first few days of the crisis, over 30 countries offered their assistance to handle the spill and Obama graciously accepted their offers – almost three months later after several millions of gallons of oil had already spewed from the well, after oil began washing up on the shores of the gulf coast states and after he originally refused any assistance at all. This must be part of that new kinder, gentler America that Obama was talking about.

An absolute guaranteed method of handling the spill was to immediately begin burning off the oil to keep it from washing up on shore. That one still hasn’t happened and when initial plans had been issued to do so, the United States Coast Guard put the kibosh on that idea when someone suddenly realized that by burning the oil there would be black smoke and that might cause some part of the environment some temporary discomfort. Of course it’s better to blanket swamps, marshes and wetlands with freshly released oil than it is to look out across the gulf and see a huge billowing black cloud. How silly could anyone have been to suggest such a thing? As a matter of clarification, the burn off is now impossible as oil has reached land and igniting the oil now would only serve to incinerate thousands of pelicans and God knows we can’t let that happen.

Then in a beautiful display of self-control and professionalism, Obama stands up and says that he wants to know whose ass to kick. That’s tellin’ ‘em Barry! You go right out there and start kicking ass and taking names. Apparently that’s Obama’s pulling a gun after the spill is BP pulling a knife. It is possible that should the cap currently on the well fail, that would be seen as BP sending one of Obama’s to the hospital. One can only imagine what would be Obama’s sending one to the morgue. That is, after all, the Chicago Way and that is how Obama will get BP. Of course the $20 billion sludge fund set up to offer restitution to those affected by the spill is like hitting BP with a spit wad. If the price of gasoline goes up because of the oil spill, does that make EVERYONE in America eligible for a piece of that $20 billion? What will you do with your $66.66?

This entire oil spill event has been a debacle from the beginning – with Obama administration officials giving safety awards to the Deep Water Horizon rig to Obama going on vacation to Maine now that the well is capped. The cap could blow off at any moment, environmental terrorists are screaming that additional monitoring of the cap is needed but none of this concerns Obama. God forbid that the affairs of state interfere with his personal life. Obama has taken more vacations and played more golf in the last 18 months than George W. Bush did in 96 months. Does Obama ever plan to actually work? There is an immediate response that comes to mind, but in the interests of not exposing Obama as the lazy, worthless, dolt that he is, that comment will remain … “No!”

Obama is, at this point in what will hopefully be his only term, rated lower in popularity than ANY previous president. Even Jimmy Carter enjoyed higher poll numbers after 18 months. The gulf oil spill has been the biggest black mark (sorry for the pun) on Obama’s record to date. Even back in June, one of Obama’s biggest cheerleaders, The Huff-n-Puff Post admitted that his royal highness was suffering negative public opinion that placed him right down there with how the liberal left alleged Bush handled Hurricane Katrina. The most glaring difference between Bush/Katrina and Obama/Oil is that at least Bush admitted there were mistakes and took steps to correct them. Barry hasn’t been so willing – his messiah complex must be getting in the way again. The other problem with Katrina is that people knew Katrina was coming and yet there were idiots who chose to stay put. There is no sympathy for the victims of Katrina from this writer. The only people for whom there is sympathy in the oil spill are the families of those killed because BP chose to ignore safety requirements and those whose businesses are affected. The real guilty ones aren’t only BP but the government officials who took bribes to falsify the Deepwater Horizon’s safety record. More proof that less government involvement – not more – is essential. When an industry doesn’t have a government agency to buy off, the blame sits squarely on them when something goes wrong. They have no government agency to blame.

The gulf oil spill has shown conclusively that Obama is the idiot everyone thought Bush to be. It’s so nice to know that this is one crisis Obama can’t lay off on Bush – but make no mistake, he’ll find some way to do it. He’s just like every other secular-progressive, liberal Democrat – has to blame someone else for his own problems.

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By JJFCPA on July 18, 2010 at 07:50 am

This has been a complex problem and a tough decision on exactly what to do and when. It is easy to be critical expecially if one does not like Obama. He is the face of the federal government and those critical of the Feds rightly direct it to him.

The big issue now is what happens to offshore drilling in the U.S. I hope ssner mnds prevail and with better oversight and equipment requirements it will begin again.

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By D. E. Carson on July 18, 2010 at 12:49 pm

You're right. It is easy to blame 0bama but by him going out there and making all of his "I'm in charge" comments, then like with anything, you lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of the person in charge. But what I'm saying is that 0bama is saying that he is in charge but only so long as he can make BP look bad and himself look good. When the federal response is making him look bad, he doesn't want that. No he's perfectly content with blaming BP, but he flatly refuses to acknowledge that the federal government, while on his watch, has screwed up this whole thing. God forbid anything make 0bama look bad. He wanted to be president of the United States which means either he takes the bad with the good or as Harry Truman once said, "get out of the kitchen." 0bama can't have a smooth term in office -- there are 43 men would will tell you that none of them had a smooth term in office. He's got to realize that the job he's doing is tough and sometimes, when the fit hits the shan, some of that is going to land right on him.

As for saner minds prevailing, so long as we have the EPA (and the other moronic environmental terrorist organizations like Greenpeace), that won't happen.

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By TonyBerkman on July 20, 2010 at 10:07 pm

this isn't an Obama problem. it isn't how he handled the problem that's the problem. this is one more warning to humanity that we better change our ways and fast.

Simple solution. a massive tax gas at the pump and invest money in the smartest minds of the us to come up with solutions and fast. American's will whine and complain and then adapt. Either we pay now or your kids pay.

Next require every big oil company to install electric chargers at their gas stations.

Electric cars purchased receive credits. Tax gas guzzlers.

Sin taxes work, and if destroying the environment while funding terrorism, isn't a sin, then what makes smoking so evil.

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By D. E. Carson on August 24, 2010 at 07:02 pm

Wow. Category Five calling me a "conman". Well, you know what they say...

Takes one to know one.

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