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Sanity or Not?

by Lady D (writer), Perris, Ca, November 03, 2010

Nobody can define sanity. But how is that fear workin for ya?

Lots of people at the Washington Mall for the rally for Rally to Restore Sanity or...

According to the park service’s there were at least 200,000 people in attendance.

There are all kinds of people that were there and for their own reasons. Maybe to see Cat Stevens aka Yusuf, Ozzy Osborne, etc. But it really didn’t matter, if you were there or at home on your couch, what mattered was just maybe (if only for a second) you began to elevate our consciousness and quit doing things or reacting out of fear.

Once you elevate your consciousness (or see things from a different perspective) you can’t go back, because you have new knowledge. Now all these people will begin to see how they are letting fear control much of their action. Even if they seem to be acting the same way, things will have changed for them.

Even those people who already know they are using fear to control will know how things have changed. They will begin to see how people are a little less reactive to the “fear promoters.”

Yes, these are the “End Times”, but not how many may think. Humanity has been in the fight or flight mentality since our days in the cave. We are moving out of that thought pattern.

We have used our curiosity to live on this earth to make what we think is better or we have used the fear to control and undermine others.

However now we really know too much to be controlled by fear.

We are beginning to see the world as something so much more, maybe we are beginning to see we are a speck on a speck, on a speck, “to infinity and beyond.” How have we come to see ourselves so differently? Well technology is one way! Just think in the year 2000 could you have imagined doing what we can do with a cellphone?

We have looked outside ourselves for all the answers. And yet humanity knew something was changing. Many turned to religion for the answers (still outside themselves.)

So in the need of feeling out of control we seemingly had to blame somebody (as we are still in that us or them mentality) for all that confuses us.

Then as we looked inside, all we saw were all the old rules and we said we need more control and many said “people can’t control themselves.”

Sooner or later we need to take off the diapers and make a few mistakes in our big kid pants, but eventually we will grow up.

Being as all we can really count on is change, let’s look to see what that will be. When we created nuclear energy we knew there were two sides to that coin and we are still wrestling with that today. Blow people up, or use that same energy for saving lives. Same energy just focus differently.

Now we know that, it, we, everything (including our thoughts) is just energy.

Some are just realizing all this, maybe because of a rally or just some other incident. The universe is expanding and this we know. And so as that happens (remember everything is energy) we are also changing.

So we get to choose, where we go with this small change that happened today. Maybe it was just another bunch of blah blah to some. And yet they listened.

If we now begin to listen to our inner voice, or whatever you call the self knowing. Listen with less resistance and know that all is just energy in different forms.

All I truly know is that holding on to fear and hate isn’t going to make this existence on earth a very good one.

However I also know that “resistance is futile” if nothing else we all give up resistance when we are dead. Nobody gets out alive. So would you rather be happy or would you rather be right.

As I finish this article the results of the mid-term elections are just about complete.

Outwardly things haven’t changed a great deal and yet inwardly with new knowledge, much will change. We are on an amazing ride, fear only stops us from seeing all that there is to see. Because we are on the ride anyway and yes there are scary parts and parts that we don’t like.

However if I begin to look for things that I do like, the other just begins to disappear.

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By Batman on November 03, 2010 at 09:36 pm

You know there is no sanity clause, right? ;)

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