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Cleveland Burns as LeBron Joins Miami Heat

Credit: Courtesy New York Daily News
LeBron James makes his decision to play with Miami in an hour-long television special on ESPN

The city of Cleveland feels depression after LeBron's decision to join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami.

They say nothing lasts forever. With that in mind, maybe Cavs fans, let alone the rest of the NBA should've seen this coming.

LeBron James' decision to not resign with his hometown Cavaliers and to join All-Stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami for the 2010-11 season was expected after rumors swirled about James flying down to Miami to meet with Heat president Pat Riley before Thursday night's 1-hour ESPN special "The Decision." James posted on his @kingjames Twitter account "The Road to History begins now." shortly after he landed in South Beach last night.

As one end of the country embraces their newest star, let alone their newest trio, another began it's riots and displays of anger.

Cavs fans throughout let the nation know how upset they were, trashing signs, burning jerseys throughout the streets last night. They then began to rip James on the local sports radio talks shows Friday morning.

"All he's done is spit on people in Cleveland," said one angry caller.

"Spit(ting)" on people may be a fair description to how LeBron treated a city that fully embraced him. Wearing a Yankee hat at an Indians game, a Cowboys hat at a Browns game. It seemed as if no matter how much Cleveland embraced him, he never fully embraced Cleveland, despite it being his hometown.

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert was not too happy about his former star player leaving either. "We will win a championship before the self-titled king does," he mentioned in a 14-page letter he e-mailed to fans last night. Gilbert also went on to mention how he noticed, and how fans should have noticed, that LeBron quit in last year's playoffs against Boston.

Now although Cleveland is a 20-1 odds to actually win it all next season, LeBron joining Wade and Bosh doesn't necessarily insure a championship for Miami.

Only time will tell if South Beach will see their first championship since 2006.

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3 comments on Cleveland Burns as LeBron Joins Miami Heat

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By JJFCPA on July 09, 2010 at 02:48 pm

Good riddance. What a sorry scene it was last night as the self proclaimed King participated in the idiocy. It was a show that was unnecessary and over the top with egotism. Now he will have no excuses when he fials to win a crown. I wonder if he will be the next Albert Haynesworth of the Redskins who signed a similar contract and after 1 season said I am not playing by the rules of a new coach.

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By alan handwerger on July 09, 2010 at 03:00 pm

There is no state income tax in Florida. It's a wonder they all don't go there.

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By manny osborne on July 09, 2010 at 04:29 pm

well everyone wants to leave Losersville I do not blame him, his not his fault he was born there.

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