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Latest Sanctions on Iran Seek to Stop Enrichment Program

The UN imposes new heavy sanctions on Iran in the hope that they will cause the leadership to stop the development of its nuclear programs. Earlier sanctions have been ineffective.

Everyone has been hearing that there is misunderstanding between Iran and the UN. They fight over whether Iran is enriching uranium for nukes. However, even Russia knows what Iran is doing surreptiously. We also know Russia has commercial ties to Iran which complicates its position on sanctions imposed on Iran. Since Iran is also close to China who finally agreed to watered down sanctions, its capabilities grow more threatening to the world and particularly its closest neighbors.

In case Iran is not deterred as soon as possible, it may cause other Middle East countries to develop nuclear weapons. This may contribute to the possibility of terrorists acquiring these weapons. But Iran rejects this as it hopes it’s a mere allegation and it states that what it is producing is not nuclear armament but simple nuclear capability for peaceful purposes. The fact is that the Iranians are causing tension in the gulf states and the world in general.

For a better understanding of this complex situation, we need to see the big picture of the situation. Due to Iran's defiance, the United Nations Security Council intensified the fourth series of sanctions in the hope that they will deter Iran’s nuclear plans. So far the truth is that nobody knows much about Iran’s nuclear program development. However, the U.N. cannot trust what Iran says. For this reason they decided to take what they called ‘some meaningful and credible measures’ against Iran in order to hinder its nuclear programs. However, these sanctions do not go far enough to bring to a standstill the Iranian’s production of nuclear fuel.

Before deciding on these latest sanctions, the Security Council took months to negotiate an acceptable plan. According to American President Barrack Obama, these are the toughest sanctions Iran has ever faced although they failed to carry the symbolic weight of a unanimous decision. The UN Council is composed of 15 countries, of which 12 were for sanctioning Iran. Countries like Brazil, Lebanon and Turkey did not want Iran to be sanctioned and for this reason they abstained from voting for the measure.

The United States supported by Europe, wanted Iran to be harshly sanctioned. They gave the word that they would pass austere sanctions on their own to Iran in case the UN failed to act. Congress is considering enacting a package of unilateral sanctions against Iran while the European leaders will start committed discussions on how to make Iran understand that power exists. Despite the pressures from all sides, Iran remains committed not to surrender to the demands. Disregarding the earlier sanctions, Iran has continued to process its uranium while constructing new and secret centrifuge plants that it needs to enrich the purity of its uranium.

The new sanctions imposed to Iran are various. They include a ban on military purchases and prohibitions on trade and financial transactions carried out by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Body. The Guards has power over the nuclear program and has taken a more central role running the country and the economy. Despite this, Iran has always defended itself against these sanctions saying that its efforts are simply aimed at peaceful purposes. But this has evoked a kind of suspicion and distrust among the western countries. Hilary Clinton warned the world that the leaders of Iran are very committed to develop nuclear weapons.

As earlier stated, some countries are not for these sanctions. Diplomats from Brazil and Turkey, which negotiated a deal with Iran last month to send some of its low-enriched uranium abroad in exchange for access to fuel for a medical reactor, have willingly passed judgment on the restrictions as derailing a fresh chance for diplomacy between countries. “We do not see sanctions as an effective instrument in this case,” said Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti, Brazil’s representative to the United Nations.

For now, the next step is up to Iran. Will these sanctions work any better than the last. Probably not.

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By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE on June 17, 2010 at 02:13 am

Cher, that is why I think those plans must be deterred and if not, world security is in danger. Imposing sanctions on Iran will not affect the leaders very much; it is the low population who will be mostly affected. I believe negotiations would be the right way to go although they might be long. Iran leaders cannot accept immediatley to bow to the world suggestions; but I still believe that there will be a positive outcome in the long run. This is only some leaders arrogance and selfishness. They should see the intersts of the society in general.

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