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Thomas' Error: Israelis are Back Where They Came From

by Dan Ehrlich (writer), London/L.A./Seattle, June 10, 2010

Massive DNA testing has shown Jewish Links with Palestinians and other Arabs

White House correspondent Helen Thomas may have something there with her advice to Israelis:--The Jews of Israel should go back to where they came from. In fact, if we all went back to where we came from the world might be a much simpler and just place, wouldn’t it? Or would it? But wait a second, isn’t that where the Israelis went?

DNA testing has proven Jews in Israel are back in their homeland, a fact that America’s indigenous people might envy….the first time in recorded history that a dispossessed people took back the homeland that was taken from them. More than this, a few Palestinian Arabs have been found with Jewish roots going back hundred of years. But, in truth, more than one third of present day Israelis didn’t emigrate from Europe, instead coming from Arab nations where communities existed also for hundreds of years…until given their eviction notices after 1948.

Thomas’ now retracted statement does highlight a glaring fact of life. The world we know is not the world as it naturally evolved. America is the prime example of a nation manufactured to order, where foreign settlers helped wipe out the indigenous people in developing a country that has become so wealthy and powerful, hardly a peep is heard internationally about its military and geo political adventures.

We in the so-called western developed world are so involved in our own well being and material wealth the dirty tricks of history are forgotten. Europe, for example, is a continent of border changes and population shifts too numerous to fathom. Yet, for the most part, Europeans have accepted, sometime involuntarily, these changes and moved on with their lives.

Even America’s indigenous tribes have accepted the fact the white man is here to stay…at least for now and have smoked assorted peace pipes with our leaders.

The Middle East is another matter…one of the few places on earth where time for most of the populations there has stood still and where the social and religious order goes back to the Prophet. Into this cool still water a dash of boiling oil was poured in the form of modern progressive westernized Semitic people…the Jews. A violent reaction took place…but in the end, the oil cooled and floated on top of the water…separate yet existing side by side.

The problem with this scenario is two-fold…the Arab population, in general, does not accept the right of other people and religions to establish themselves in the region, especially in a position of primacy. In negotiations with the late PLO leader Yasser Arafat, a main sticking point to peace deals was the asterisk stating “under Islam.”

Second, is the right-wing Israeli leadership that true to conservative philosophy feels it can just maintain a status quo situation and trouble will go away. Wrong! No progressive society can out-wait largely stagnant nations where time stands still.

Ironically, Israel is largely under the control of the same Likud gang that in 1982 actually started the Palestinian ball rolling with the ill-advised invasion and long-term stay in Lebanon. This galvanized the various terrorist groups which resulted in the equally long-term Arab uprisings.

But, just as important, it morphed the larger Arab-Israel Conflict into the more local Israel-Palestinian Conflict. It also gave the original owners of the West Bank and Gaza the excuse to reject ownership of the Israeli conquered land, leaving in limbo, first under Israeli occupation, as a future Palestinian state.

Yet, a Palestinian state would, in the long-term be unworkable the way it is now planned, one part on the West Bank of the Jordan River and the other on the Gaza Strip. Just as was the case with East and West Pakistan, the two parts would probably separate, as they actually are now. Then there’s also the very real prospect of further terror attacks against Israel.

I have long felt if a comprehensive settlement was ever reached between the two sides, the occupied land should revert back to its former owners, Jordan and Egypt, established Arab nations who could care and control for the populations. However, it’s highly unlikely Egypt would entertain taking back Gaza.

Oh, a bit of history…Gaza is only area that historically can rightfully claim to be Palestinian, being the location of the ancient Philistine nation. For those who don’t know Palestine means Land of the Philistines, an Indo-European people, much like the Phoenicians and an equally dead civilization, but also equally non-Semitic.

When Rome destroyed Jerusalem, it re-named Judea and Samara, Palestine to erase any ties the Jews might have to their land. Since no other independent nation was ever established there the timeless Arabs just kept that name going…it’s almost like Americans continuing to call our native people Indians.

So, if Helen Thomas wants to blame anyone for the Middle East mess, why not pin it where it belongs, on the Italians?

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By JJFCPA on June 10, 2010 at 04:08 pm

You hit the nail on the head. There is little doubt, especially for Christians who believe in the bible that the Jews are back in their biblical homeland. It is hard to imagine that the Arab nations will ever accept this, especially the Muslims, who are brain washed to a level of fanaticism that allows for and justifies violence.

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