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Media: The War Israel Has Lost

by ranfuchs (writer), CT, USA, June 06, 2010

Credit: Jim Hollander/EPA
A seized Gaza relief ship in Ashdod.

The Israeli's sole focus on military operation makes one wonder why Israel has been neglecting the media war front. With a better PR plan, the flotilla fiasco could have been avoided.

The Middle-East war is fought in many fronts. While Israel has managed to maintain its militarily superiority, it’s been continuously defeated on the PR and media fronts, which it has neglected for many years. The way the recent flotilla event was conducted PR-wise, is merely the tip of the iceberg of Israeli inability to comprehend the importance of International Media and PR as a legitimate warfare strategy.

In this case, for instance, assuming that Israel needs to maintain the blockade on Gaza, let’s see how it could have conducted a Media-savvy operation.

  1. In the months prior to the flotilla voyage, Israel, who had no doubt collected all details about the passengers, could have preempted and published the identity of those passengers with links to Al-Qaeda and Hamas. This would have made it apparent that the intentions of the Flotilla passengers were not necessarily as peaceful as portrayed. It might have also made some of the genuine humanitarian activists on board reconsider their decision to join the trip, as I believe that many of them were unaware of the terrorist affiliation of their crew mates.
  2. When the Flotilla neared Israeli water, all communication with the ship should have become public. This would have made the non confrontational alternatives known. That is, that Israel didn’t object to the transportation of the humanitarian aid, and that the flotilla was welcomed to the Israeli port of Ashdod, where it would be inspected, and the cargo, accompanied by some of the flotilla’s members, would be shipped to Gaza by land. This, after all, was exactly what they offered, but without using it to gain support. It would have also made it clear to the world that sending in troops was the last option, only after every other compromise had been declined by the ship.
  3. The preparation of the Flotilla passengers for violent confrontation should have also been broadcasted live, before the commando boarded the ship. After all, Israeli helicopters were flying above the ship and could easily have broadcast the violent intentions of the passengers.
  4. The Israeli commandos themselves should have made it visible to the media that their guns were paint-guns rather than real ones. Trying to fix the wrong perception after the event, once the public had made their mind, was ineffective, as could easily be predicted.

The result of the confrontation with the Israeli professional army was known in advance. This leaves us to believe that the very purpose of the confrontation was to be defeated, and thus to score another win on the PR front. The fact that both the prime minister of Israel and the communication minister were not available for comments immediately after the event demonstrates how little Israel understands the importance of media as a strategic tool in modern warfare. This is a front that Israel has been neglecting for too long, and must master, at least as much as it has mastered the military front.

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5 comments on Media: The War Israel Has Lost

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By Dan Ehrlich on June 06, 2010 at 03:04 pm

A very well thought out piece....the terrorist links have to be proven, though.

pay no attention to that negative comment from this site's resident nutcase.

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By Digidave on June 08, 2010 at 02:23 am

A reminder from the resident community editor to stick to the topic at hand and not individuals.

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By JJFCPA on June 09, 2010 at 03:52 pm

A focus on the media and PR is important for any country to get the right message out. In the case of the Israeli's, I doubt that even the right and accurate message would be heard. It is evident to any open minded person that there are many countries who will blame Israel for any act against the Palestinians or Arabs. That is just the way it is. It does not mean that they should not try. Your point is well taken.

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By boazl on July 11, 2010 at 08:41 am

The fact is the israeli goverment made a very big mistake reacting to that flutilla the way it did. not only media wise but decisonwise to actualy stop it the way they did.

but the most important thing to understand is that this flutilla was full of non plastinan or israeli people and it is so irelevent to the peace process or the conflict. in reality it was on a maniulation made by the turkish goverment who is trying to shift the feelings of turkish society against ties with israel. it didnt serve any other puprose.

now it is done and hopefuly presidnet abbas will meet with israeli netanyahu and by the help of god things in the holy land will improve and peace will come between the two nations. i advise everyone to stay focused and the only thing which isimportant here to help both sides become less extreme and cornered and sit down to the negotiation table.

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By boazl on July 11, 2010 at 08:44 am

this "human rights" flutilla just assisted both sides becoming more extreme and didnt serve any human rights purpose. if the activists would of cooperated with the israeli goverment non of them would of been killed and israel would of let them tranfer the goods by land. but of course it wasnt there real purpose to actualy help the people of gaza but to creat a provocation.

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