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President Obama Ponders Terror Attack Response

by Dan Ehrlich (writer), London/L.A./Seattle, May 29, 2010

The Administration is faced with hard choices in an endless war in the event of a terrorist attack in the U.S. There are concerns about possible terrorists coming across the Mexican border.

Word has it that the U.S. is reviewing options on how to respond abroad to any terrorist attack here, namely from Pakistani based groups. At the same time, the Obama Administration was warned of a possible attack by Somali terrorists sneaking in to America via the Mexican border.

The latter of these developments, if ever realized, would prove a godsend to the majority of Americans in favor of tighter border controls. Our politicians may be able to ignore illegal immigrants in their millions, but one Somali terrorist would be impossible to swallow.

The border, at long last, would have to be defended. But wouldn’t this result in racial profiling? It sure would. But, we would simply ignore the hordes of Mexicans in our search for one or two Somalis, who really don’t look like Mexicans…do they?

However, this doesn’t address the root of the problem in our terror war…how do you fight an enemy that has no national ties or backing, who are all over the world and keep multiplying no matter how many we destroy?

The current discussion in Washington DC is centering around attacking terrorist strongholds in Pakistan, since that chaotic nation seems incapable of controlling its own non Somali terrorists. The question is how the Pakistani government would view America attacking its territory in force. Would this be counter productive, only breeding more terrorists? And, might Pakistan turn against us? Remember it has nuclear weapons and you can bet other would-be nuclear powers have been contacting them about sharing the wealth.

The hard truth is, there’s no way any nation can fight a terrorist war abroad, one that is based on extreme religious zealotry, and expect long lasting results. There will always be more terrorists waiting in the wings.

What we must do is guard our own borders…something our leaders, past and present, have been reluctant to do regardless of their constitutional obligation to do so. We have to keep terrorists and their allies from getting into the country by what ever means needed to do so. Oddly, this means the first step in prevention will likely take place abroad.

We have to stop would-be bombers from getting on planes and ships heading to America. Again, this may mean profiling. Too bad, I would rather have racial profiling for a good reason than risk another 9/11. This has nothing to do with racism or Nazism as many of our great unwashed love to trumpet. It has to do with a war unlike any ever fought before. Liberals and conservatives alike have no experience with this scenario. It’s a scenario that we have largely developed through our greed and need for oil and our interaction with people who largely reject everything for which we stand. Kipling’s “East is East and West is West” line has been proven wrong. The twain has met and with terrible consequences for the Western World….a War on Terrorism.

But, wait! I haven’t considered our own homegrown terrorists such as Jihad Jane. These people are more problematic than foreign threats.

Islam is a faith, which like early Christianity, demands total loyalty and subservience to its dogma. It relieves people of the thought process and allows them to act in accordance with what they perceive as being righteous in line with this dogma.

A key point is the superiority of believers over non believing infidels. It’s this racist philosophy that probably draws in a few Americans who for one reason or another are losers and feel adopting a new faith such a this will turn them into winners or at least allowing them vent to their frustration with U.S. society.

As for a few born and bred or naturalized American Muslims who run off to Somalia or Pakistan and become terrorists, their main problem is often their parents. Raised in strict religious homes, these kids aren’t allowed to take part in the hedonistic co educational American school and party scene. But instead of rebelling against their parents, they reject the America they haven’t been allowed to enjoy.

How we fight this part of the terror war is not as easy as using drone aircraft or cruise missiles. Still, I wouldn’t discount domestic drones in the future, straight out of sci-fi. Anything is possible in our brave new and scary world.

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3 comments on President Obama Ponders Terror Attack Response

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By Dan Ehrlich on May 30, 2010 at 04:44 pm

Ah, what would a posting be without a comment from the hurricane…you must have a Broowhah alarm or else you patrol this site 24/7.

And, as usual, like a hurricane you are blowing it out of your you know what. First, yes America is filled with right wing nut cases, not all as bad as Tim McVeigh, but we know how to get hold of them and besides they are not suicidal.

Second, yes I have come down on Islam because it is a classic racist faith, much the way Christianity was in the good old days. But I will bet your idea of racism is me calling Islam a racist faith…or making jokes about other races and religions. WRONG! Racism the advocacy of the superiority of one race or ethnic group over another.

In Islam unless you are a believer you’re not quite as equal as they are. You’re an infidel. Yet people such as you line up to talk about how badly they are being mistreated by the infidels.The people of Gaza command so much liberal sympathy, mainly because liberals need underdogs to champion to give them some present day meat to digest. But can you name three positive aspects of their society that warrant your sympathy.

Many of these people are Wahhabist Muslims, the predominant faith of those loveable Saudis…they brook little deviation from their teachings….you might say they are Arab versions of Hassidic Jews, except for one main thing….Hassidic Jews, all Jews, don’t murder people because of their faith, their sexual preferences, for refusing their parents demands and disobeying their husbands. Every year scores of women are murdered in so called Palestinian honor killings. In fact, it’s hard to find any aspects to traditional Arab society that aren’t repugnant to liberal and progressive thought.

No. 3, once again you exhibit your ignorance by lumping all extremist religion in one sweeping generalization. Judaism has one key difference from Christianity and Islam (more than two billion strong combined), aside from being a very small faith of some 16 million. And that is a belief in the here and now, not the hereafter. Muslims and Christians see life as only the opening act until the main event after death.

Jews believe in the sanctity of life and that it must be lived to the fullest while one can. Jews do not trumpet their faith as being superior to anyone else’s. This is not to say many remain sectarian, keeping to their own kind.

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By Dan Ehrlich on May 31, 2010 at 02:06 am

you're not're obsessive...with this site...get a job, get a you realize how many times you respond to particular stories...six or seven times, some right after another....that looks bad for the guy writing comment after comment....that's not normal. Hey, maybe you're just sexually repressed. That's it...forget about the job, just get some.

And like some right wing nut you start quoting some ancient scripture....certain faiths mature over time, they a change....but you won't because you will be a so called left wing biggot all of your days...a racist and anti semite....we don't need more nut cases like you in this country

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By Lady D on May 31, 2010 at 12:34 pm

It seems the whole world is pushing "thier" rightness.

Would you rather be Right or would you rather be Happy?

"There is nothing good or bad, but that thinking makes it so."- Shakespear.

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