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Can't Lose: Big Bucks for Bears and Colts Alike.

by B.R Uzun (writer), New York, January 30, 2007

Everyone knows that football heroes like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning make a fortune through lucrative salaries and endorsement contracts. But how does the Superbowl treat the bank accounts of the nameless majority of players that achieve their life’s goal in relative anonymity behind muddy facemasks every year?

According to the official site a player on the winning team of this Sunday’s event will receive a whopping $73,000 in prize money. Furthermore, a player on the losing team gets a generous parting gift of $38,000, up $1,500 from last year. That’s over $3,000 more than the most recent numbers for per capita income from the Department of Commerce.

It turns out that the Superbowl cash pie is so big that even the scapegoat for a loss, the player who’s error cost his team the game, makes more in one winter afternoon than the average American makes in a year. Remember, this is in addition to endorsements, incentives they might have unlocked in their contract and of course their base salary.

If the consolation prize is staggering to the average Joe, how does it look to those Americans earning the least?
Although legislation is in the works to raise it, the last rate for the minimum wage earned for a full year is $5.15 an hour. That makes second prize the equivalent of 184 forty-hour workweeks at minimum wage. That’s over 3 ½ years of work to make what the losing players will receive and almost 7 years to equal the prize per winning player.

This probably shouldn’t surprise anyone considering the Superbowl generated an economic impact of about 261 million dollars for the City of Detroit last year.
But it should give you something to think about the next time Junior wants to go out to play ball before doing his homework.

B.R Uzun

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