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Grains Of Sand

by Frank - icare2be (writer), Aurora, CO, May 13, 2010

Credit: Frank Brinkman
Sand and Pacific Ocean from Whale Watch Inn

Words, words. How many have been spoken or written? The count similar to the grains of sand on our beaches. Some words spoken have great impact. Others have little.

Grains of Sand

  • My words, thoughts, and deeds
    • Are as grains of sand.
  • Their perspective small,
    • Just the next grain of sand.
  • I see so little of what
    • Has been, is, and will be.
  • My understanding is inadequate,
    • Of the whole vision.
  • I am not the center,
    • Around which all revolves.
  • I offer my insights for those,
    • Near and dear to me.
  • They come from deep inside me,
    • Closest to the center of all things.
  • Yet, it is information only.
    • Free for decisions to be made.
  • Grains of sand added together,
    • Nothing alone. A mountain together.
  • Originally written: August 11, 1996

    This poem was written as an introspection. The words were written as you see them without correction or change in my journal in 1996. How or where they came from is a mystery to me and now to you. They speak of a voice inside speaking to me or others? May these words assist all who need them.

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    By Theresa H Hall on August 21, 2010 at 01:20 pm

    Frank, Sorry it took me this long to realize you were writing here on BrooWaha. I certainly hope you will add a lot more of your stories because they are really good. Theresa

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    By Frank - icare2be on August 21, 2010 at 03:19 pm

    Theresa, Thank you for your "Kick in the butt." to write more articles for BrooWaha. I will write again.. I have been brooding over which one and what to write.

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