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Book Review: Conservative Victory

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Sean Hannity's latest book

This guy didn’t get to #1 on the NY Times Bestseller list because of his looks.

Liberals love to hate Sean Hannity. It’s in their DNA. After reading Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda it is easy to see why they hate him – he’s right and he’s got the facts to prove it.

Hannity lays out his plan for this book from the very beginning. In Part One, Hannity reviews Obama with such scrutiny one would think he was a medical examiner searching for the reason a perfectly healthy man died in his early twenties – an appropriate analogy as the book is searching for the reason America is dying. In Part Two, Hannity stresses the need to learn from history – real history, not the revisionist progressive liberal history that attempts to gloss over unfavorable truths and highlight bold-faced lies that are replacing facts that have been known for years. Finally in Part Three, Hannity lays out a plan for beating back the socialist agenda of the most irresponsible presidential administration this nation has ever known and how America can survive the onslaught of radical socialists, communists and Marxists and return America to its founding principles.

At no time through this book does Hannity mince words. He does not hide the fact that he is definitely opposed to the socialism of the current administration, but he lays out his case with fact and in 0bama’s own words – from his debate with John McCain where 0bama promised a “net spending cut” to his face-to-face, off-the-cuff remarks to Joe the Plumber about spreading the wealth. Hannity makes no apologies for his “Reagan conservatism” even as he does admit the failings and mistakes of the Bush Administration. But like it or not, Hannity manages to lay at the feet of 0bama everything that deserves to be laid at the feet of 0bama and not one thing more.

The book itself reads like one continuous monologue as Hannity lays out his case against the radical agenda of the progressive liberal left. The naming of so-called “czars” and their purposes as well as their brazen leftist ideologies is just the beginning. “We’re all known by the company we keep,” Hannity writes in his opening salvo against 0bama’s New Radical Friends, “and Obama consistently – and deliberately – keeps company with hard leftists.” Hannity goes on to say, “if [the main stream media] disclosed the extent of [0bama’s] connections with radicals and the extent of these radicals’ extremism, the nation would be in a greater uproar than it already is.”

Hannity also brings up many of Obama’s older radical friends including the ubiquitous William “I feel we didn’t do enough” Ayres, Bernadine Dohrn and everyone’s most beloved orator, Jeremiah “God damn America” Wright and with good reason. These are the people who most influenced 0bama’s political beliefs, along with known Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis and even 0bama’s own mother who once rationalized her own refusal to attend social functions that included American oil company employees because “those are not my people.”

Hannity is both thorough and detailed in his expose of 0bama’s socialist/communist leanings. Hannity draws no conclusions without having first presented multiple facts to support them. Additionally, many of the facts presented include words directly from the mouth of the president himself. It is without question that Hannity is very much opposed to 0bama yet Hannity seeks to discredit 0bama based on the content of 0bama’s character – as is the mantra of the card carrying Republican Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hannity’s facts are irrefutable as he runs down every conceivable reason why America should not only refuse to re-elect 0bama in 2012, but why the 2010 mid-term election is so important to the survival of America in the 21st Century. Hannity remains true to the slogan of his employer by simply reporting the facts and letting the reader decide.

Truly open-minded individuals who read this book will come to realize the liberal left’s demonization of Hannity is as effective as trying to use wet toilet paper to stop a speeding 18-wheeler. Hannity deals head-on with every liberal talking point and not only defuses them but completely reveals them as baseless lies and gregarious attempts at deception. It is a job well done exposing the radical agenda of the left and their god, Obama.

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 for fair and balanced reporting of facts and for allowing the reader to draw his or her own conclusions.

Title: Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda

Author: Sean Hannity

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, New York, NY

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3 comments on Book Review: Conservative Victory

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By D. E. Carson on May 11, 2010 at 11:06 pm

Too bad Media Matters is an America-hating, Marxist organization completely funded by America's number one hater: George Soros. All you have to do is follow the money, folks. Media matters is as anti-American as Michael Moore and hates capitalism more than Karl Marx did and the sole reason for its existence is so George Soros can play Americans against each others. He made billions of dollars betting against America in the currency markets and betting that America would fail. Every time the economy takes another dive, guess whose pockets get loaded? George Soros. So he sets up these puppet organizations like Media Matters -- an organization that couldn't tell the truth if it were run by God Almighty Himself -- and distributes lies, then perpetuates them by degrading anyone who disagrees. Media Matters is so dishonest that I wouldn't trust them to tell me NBC was in the tank for 0bama. In fact, I wouldn't trust Media Matters to tell me 0bama was half black.

Nope, sorry. Media Matters is no more a reliable source than is Michael Moore. Both are liars to the infinite degree and while Media Matters does it to make money for Soros, Moore does it purely out of ego. Both are equally dangerous and should be ignored.

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By D. E. Carson on May 30, 2010 at 07:13 pm

Ah, Julian! Finally, a SANE opponent. You say that 0bama is hardly a Marxist. Thing is, government-provided health care is a socialist agenda item. Socialism and Marxism go hand in hand. Marx promotes the notion that the government is best equipped to provide all necessities to all people at all times out of a need for equality. It was Marx himself who wrote, "From each according to his ability to each according to his need." 0bama's health care plan does exactly that -- takes money from those who have it (in the form of higher taxes and penalties assessed against those who do not participate in the program) and gives it to those who don't have it (in the form of ineffective and rationed health care).

Typically, socialists and Marxists have a real problem with the idea of there being multiple economic class levels. They all think that everyone should have a fair share of the pie -- as if the pie is finite. America has proven that the pie is not finite and that if everyone would put forth the effort, everyone could achieve his or her own level of satisfaction. Let's say you drive a Toyota. Why? You have your reasons (reliability, dependability, resale value etc). I don't like Toyotas. In fact, I think Toyotas are overrated pieces of junk and wouldn't own one if it were given to me. In a capitalist system, I have the right and the ability to buy a Ford if I so choose. Socialism/Marxism tell me that I can only buy a Toyota -- even if I hate them and think they are the worst car on the road. My choices are buy a Toyota, a bicycle, walk or public transportation. (The real reason I hate Toyotas is because I don't fit in them. I'm 6'2" and can't get my legs under the steering wheel).

As for Hannity and Limbaugh, yes, they are mouths with brains. I don't agree with everthing they say (I still don't like Reagan, but I've learned he wasn't as bad as he seemed and I can appreciate some of what he did -- Hannity and Limbaugh are almost as bad with Reagan as Chris Matthews with 0bama).

Beck, on the other hand, needs to be listened to. He's not just spouting off. He is actually doing some digging into what America has gone through and is going through again. Last Friday he had on two gentlemen who have proven conclusively that blacks in the north were extremely valuable in the American Revolution -- many of them were in favor of the break with England and they gave what they could to help the cause...and some of them weren't exactly poor rejects from the south who had escaped slavery. Frederick Douglass was instrumental is restoring the union after the Civil War. I learn much from Beck about our past that when I was in history class were just passing pieces with no real apparent purpose. Beck isn't a nut-job. He's a historian with a microphone. He seems reactionary because he is taking what is being said and done and showing America where it's been done before where no one else dares to oppose 0bama.

I'm glad you liked the piece and I'm sorry we disagree on Hannity. At least you're willing to be civil in your opposition.

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By D. E. Carson on August 24, 2010 at 07:13 pm

No Dean, YOU'RE a nut job. And my inability to respond to you is my greatest character flaw.

But I'm getting better.

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