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real conservative.

by PATRICK PETION (writer), Little Ferry NJ, October 08, 2010

Conservative be wear of that side they would remove you if you oppose socialist communist and arrogant people.

what ever happen to all good conservative

why only those moron who pretend to be conservative are here.

can we conservative ever have a real voice.

why so much money wasted to destroy the heart of our society.

why those aristocrat European want to come back to control our live.

when we left Europe we thought it was the end of the aristocracy reign

now they follow us and to their immoral society they which to impose their value on us.

why communism is become the new thing of the world when you know it is evil.

do you really know what make one a conservative.

or what those make one a socialist liberal

why most liberal are wealthy while they did not really work for the money.

maybe they believe as the bible those your birth status is the most important status.

real conservative does not believe in birth status.

real conservative believe in work and the possibility everyone have to make it.

that the reason real conservative hate welfare and all its form

real conservative believe hand out destroy one ability to grow

real conservative believe in human ability to care for them self.

liberal don't believe in people, that why the choose the state or the aristocracy over individual

real conservative mean we believe human can be what ever he or she want to be.

one society mean someone would assign your status for you.

real conservative believe each one can assign themselves a status while obey the rule of law.

be able to act freely and be your own person is the believe of conservative.

where are the conservative

they all been kick out of that side, because that side is an aristocrat side.

conservative believe in people

conservative believe in business

conservative does not believe in some spiritual book who's preach aristocracy

conservative believe in the defense of freedom

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