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Hooray for Arizona!

The rest of the nation needs to follow suit

Arizona is now the safest state in the lower 48 United States of America. State law now authorizes law enforcement officials to actively inquire as to a person’s legal status within the United States.

Thank God SOMEBODY had the guts to stand up for the rights of the citizens of the United States and quit pandering to the whiny, thumb-sucking illegal aliens who think that they are entitled to the same rights as actual citizens. Of course those same whiny, crybaby, thumb-sucking illegal aliens are the ones who are screaming the loudest that they’re going to be profiled and sent back to whatever country from which they illegally entered the US. And the progressive liberal left is sucking right up to those crybabies in the hopes that if somehow the progressives manage to actually give these whiners citizenship, that the crybaby illegal aliens will respond by supporting the progressives at the polls.

What a stupid line of thinking. But it’s typical of the progressive liberal left.

Progressive liberals have no clue that they are eviscerating the greatest nation this world has ever known. First they start by shoving an unwanted, unconstitutional and immoral health care law so far down our throats that it may never be undone. Now they want to make millions of illegal aliens citizens with the right to vote so they can further shove their progressive liberal SOCIALIST agenda down America’s throat.

America was not founded on the idea of this nation being a free-for-all. The Founding Fathers would take every member of Congress and bitch-slap them all stupid (which wouldn’t take a lot of effort) if they were around today.

America is a sovereign nation with the right to control its own borders in any manner it sees fit and to punish anyone (and I mean ANYONE) who violates those borders. The only reason illegal aliens are in America is because we are the only nation in the world stupid enough to not do anything about illegal aliens. Go try to sneak into Mexico illegally and see what happens to you. Same with Russia, China, North Korea; I dare ANY thumb-sucking progressive liberal to try to sneak into any country without the proper paperwork and see what happens to you. I’ll lay even money that we never hear from your sorry, miserable, thumb-sucking @$$ again. But you can bet there will be crybabies over her whining to the US State Department to try and get you back. But does that happen to anyone who illegally sneaks into America? Oh hell no! We welcome their sorry butts in here with free frickin’ medical care (even before Sn0bama-care), all the money they want, no taxes, welfare, food stamps, you name it. It’s like frickin’ Johnny Olsen, “Come on down! You’re the next worthless piece of garbage on the US Welfare Rolls!”

I’m sick and tired of how this nation rolls over and plays dead. Ever since that spineless weasel was inaugurated on January 20, 2009, America has become the biggest wuss nation on the planet. The head weasel gets on his “spiffy” airplane (at $600,000 per hour to operate which YOU pay for with your taxes just like I do) and flies all over the world bowing and groveling at the feet of our sworn enemies apologizing for America thinking that if he does all of this, the big mean guys like Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il and others will stop picking on the US. That frickin’ weasel in the White House is a wuss, a pathetic, worthless wuss. He’s a radical communist with communist friends who want to make America a communist nation. He condemns Timothy McVeigh yet embraces William Ayres. Why is McVeigh more evil than Ayres? Because McVeigh’s bomb killed children? What about the children of the people who were killed when Ayres’ bombs went off? Why are his actions celebrated and condoned and the actions of McVeigh are scorned and condemned? Both men are domestic terrorists. The reason the progressive liberal left won’t go after Ayres is because he was protesting Vietnam – a war that was not lost by the fighting men who were on the ground over there, but by the progressive liberal left wing thumb-sucking media led by Walter Cronkite. McVeigh was labeled a radical right-wing extremist because he was a veteran of the first Gulf War who went a little bonkers.

The other forty seven contiguous United States need to take a lesson from Arizona. Start enforcing the federal laws, just as Arizona has done and let’s get the illegal aliens out of this country. It’s been done before and it needs to be done again. If you’re here legally, you’re welcome to stay so long as your visa is current. If you aren’t here legally you need to get out.

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7 comments on Hooray for Arizona!

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By Lady D on May 03, 2010 at 10:56 am

This law changes nothing. It just spreads fear and hate.

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By JJFCPA on May 04, 2010 at 09:50 am

The federal government needs to deal with this issue. While I disagree with the strength of your words, I am for aggressive enforcement of our borders. At the same time, we need to revisit our immigration policy.

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By nhemerson on May 05, 2010 at 10:23 pm

Does this guy anything other than masturbatory opinion pieces? Jesus christ he's a crybaby.

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By Lumiere on May 06, 2010 at 12:48 pm

Hurricane Dean... I completely agree with you.

A thump on the head to the citizens of Arizona. You just took ake America back to the racial profiling slave laws of 1850....shame shame on you.

Carson, maybe one day you can rise above your mental douche and be better than the immigrants. ;) lol

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By D. E. Carson on May 07, 2010 at 09:36 pm

Wow. I just love how people are so myopic they can't see passed the end of their own noses. It amazes me that so many people are so opinionated on the law in Arizona that haven't even bothered to READ THE LAW! Just like when 0bamacare was rammed through Congress, no one bothered to read the thing before they signed on to it. As usual, the left-wing Huff-and-puff wannabes have crawled out of the woodwork and have slammed on this article without reading the law to which it refers. Simply put the law says, "Arizona law enforcement is hereby required by state law to enforce any and all federal immigration statutes already in existence." As Lady D so eloquently stated, "This law changes nothing." It only requires Arizona law enforcement organizations to enforce the federal immigration laws.

It's so interesting that Mexican groups were among the ones who started screaming about this law yet if you "sneak" into Mexico the way people sneak into America, you end up in jail doing hard time. Additionally, if people are here legally and can prove it, then where's the problem? The ones who are screaming are the ones who are here illegally and don't want to lose their gravy train. I have five words for illegal aliens: Get legal or get out!

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By D. E. Carson on May 07, 2010 at 09:39 pm

BTW: Since y'all are so gung-ho on letting well enough alone, how about I break into your house and demand to live there rent free while you pay for the food I eat and the medical expenses I incur while living there? And if I get tired of your belly-aching, I pull out a gun and blow your head off with no legal recourse available to your family. Does that sound like a fair deal to you? If it doesn't then why do you want to let illegal aliens get away with it?

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By Amo on May 15, 2010 at 09:16 am

Obviously, the matter has already been settled by the good people of Arizona…and they’re the only ones that truly count. However, I would suggest rather then pontificating and theorizing about how immoral and raciest those Arizonians are.

I suggest liberals should practice what they want others to preach and take an extended vacation to Phoenix, Arizona, better yet buy a little ranch, preferably close to the border, and show those “raciest Arizonians” how true and enlightened progressives react. Bottom line…it’s always easy to bullshit (hello Dean), if you’re not the one living in fear!!

Carson, you’re making much to much sense…”STOP IT”!


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